wonder woman : Lyzette Porter

Seeing as though it was Mothers Day this month, I wanted to feature a mom for this months Wonder Woman. I met Zet through one of my friends and wow, is she a bundle of energy! Have a read below for some insight into her life with her 2 kiddies, hubby and a business.

  1. Can you give a little insight into your family? How old your kiddies are, what they love, how you and Mark met, that sort of thing.

Hi, my family is made up of four of us: myself, my husband Mark , my 31/2 half year old daughter, Livia and my 18 month old son, Liam. Mark and I run a family business with my in-laws. We manufacture name badges and specialize in branding of promotional products. My children are two crazy special little monkeys, both very bright and creative. Livia loves dancing, singing and acting and Liam loves to be a boy, rough and risky. The dynamics of having two little ones is amazing, boys and girls differ so much. I can truthfully say that the term daddy’s girl and mommies boy is true, we love them so much, can’t live without them.

  1. What keeps you sane amongst all of the craziness?

What keeps us sane , well that’s the trick! I would say work and at this stage cross fit, it’s our form of exercise , it’s our release, everyday! Running a business is crazy mad, so we need that getaway.


What do you view as your greatest achievement?

My greatest achievement , which I’m sure every mom would say, is my children!

  1. I’m sure as a mom and a career woman, you must have times where you just want some time to yourself! What do you do for me-time?

The fact that I can work, play, exercise, be a mom and a wife – that’s not as easy as it seems. Something is always compromised and needs attention and dealing with. For me to get away on personal note would be sport- I love touch rugby, I play provisional touch and league every week , I love a little 5km run now and then, just pop my iPod in and go. It’s the best!


  1. If you were to go back to 21 year old Lyzette – what advice would you give her?

21, what a year, thought I had it all figured out! I would say , marry your man sooner, have children young , and if you having more than 1, then close together , it’s the craziest advice ever  but will make sense in the long run. Growing up with your children, that’s the idea!

  1. What piece of advice did you mom give you that has really helped you and what advice would you give to moms and moms to be?

Having children is not easy , and when I say that I don’t mean the physical thing.  I mean the emotional part, the worry you have, the emotion of loving a little person more than yourself, more than life itself- it’s overwhelming. I won’t lie, sometimes, I feel like I’m close to melt down , I’m seconds away, then realize that there is no time melt down, because moms keep it together- they are the solid foundation that every home and family need. And then your little girl tells you that she loves you so much, and you melt anyway. So the advice I would give to moms to be is this- make sure that you have a solid, rock hard inner being because it will be torn and tested at times an you need to be the solid foundation, always.Make sure you have a great back up system like grannies to babysit, don’t ever forget about yourself Happy wifey, happy lifey! Happy mommy, happy baby!


  1. Can you give some details on your skin care/make up routine?

Wow, I can honestly say, I’m not the best with make-up, never enough time in a day, always leaving or on my way to gym. I bath in morning and evening and just moisturize. Get to gym, shower and then just moisturize. I will do my make up on special occasion or maybe if I’m going out to see a client. I think that’s something moms need to make sure they don’t compromise: look after yourself, your family needs you!

  1. What 3 skin care/make up products can you not live without?

I would say the only products- no particular brand- I could not live without would be moisturizer , foundation as I have bad pigmentation and mascara.

Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions Zet!

If you know of someone that you think should be featured as a Wonder Woman, pop me a mail with their details and what you think makes them stand out.


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