Weaning Sense, the perfect guide to starting solids

Weaning sense

If you’ve been following me along my parenting journey since the beginning you’ll know that I am a big fan of the Baby Sense range of books. Meg Faure then released Pregnancy Sense last year, and this year, together with Kath McGraw, Weaning Sense came out and I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch.

Meg Faure is an occupational therapist and Kath McGraw is South Africa’s leading pediatric dietician so you really are getting the best of both worlds when you purchase Weaning Sense. Starting solids is a very sensory experience for our little ones and so Meg helps to guide parents along the sometimes bumpy road. The book divides children up into a few general groups according to their sensory processing skills and Meg gives you tips on each and every group which I think is such a great idea as no two children are the same and some do take a little bit longer to get used to different textures and tastes.

Kath McGraw has totally outdone herself with the recipes in the book, I was honestly so blown away at the huge variety. They are all really easy to make (you would have seen me test drive a few recipes on my Instagram Stories a few days after the launch) and of course super high in nutrients. The recipes are divided into three sections: ready, set and go. “Ready” is more of your purees while “go” is proper food like the delicious chicken curry recipe.

Aria began on solids long ago and so I lent my copy of Weaning Sense to my lovely friend Bianca, who’s little girl, Erin was just about to start. Here’s what Bee had to say about the book

Being a first time mum I constantly feel like I am questioning myself and wondering if I am doing things right. As excited as I was to be venturing into solids with my daughter Erin the task itself did seem daunting. In a time filled with not only tons of information available at your fingertips but coupled with the constant evolutions made on children’s nutrition this can make navigating solids a tricky task. So I was so grateful when Sarah lent me her copy of Weaning Sense especially as I loved Pregnancy Sense and Baby Sense and often found my self referring to these books for advise and help.

Weaning Sense is no different and is filled with tons of helpful hints and delicious recipes. The book itself is so informative and split into sections designed for each childs food journey stage.

We currently on the steady sage and both my husband and I love watching Erin’s delighted face as she tries all the different new and exciting flavour combinations.

What I love the most about this book is the comfort in knowing that the book itself is a trusted source from a local expert.

Having Weaning Sense has definitely made all the difference with our solids journey and we cant wait to eat our way through all the recipes!

I couldn’t recommend this book enough, we are still using it today for all the fab recipes and Aria is almost two! You can purchase it over here, if you have any baby showers coming up, this is such an amazing and really useful book.

Let me know if you buy the book/already have it and which recipe is your favouite!




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