The perfect date night at the Discovery Vitality HealthyFood Studio

Two weekends ago we hosted a MamaMeetUp at the Discovery Vitality HealthyFood Studio and once again, I was reminded how amazing it is. The MeetUp was the third time I had cooked in the state of the art kitchen, each time was so much fun and I learnt so much from the amazing team.

Something that I didn’t realise is that the HealthyFood Studio offers cooking courses for kids as well as a date night, how amazing is that?! I’m absolutely going to be booking Dan and I in for one soon (he’s a great cook, me not so much) and here are 5 reasons why:

1. The Discovery Vitality HealthyFood Studio is absolute #kitchengoals, seriously, I’d like to just move in. All the equipment is either Whirlpool or Kitchen Aid, they even have Webers outside for their braai courses. Cooking with quality equipment (all the smaller goodies like cutlery, bowls, etc are from Woolworths) really makes such a big difference to the whole experience.

2. It’s not just the equipment that’s state of the art, the HealthyFood Studio uses only the best food as well, straight from Woolworths. They put a strong emphasis on teaching the public (yes, the HealthyFood Studio is open to everyone, not just Discovery clients) how to make healthy food in their homes, this means that they ensure that they limit refined starches, salt, added sugar, processed foods and certain fats as much as possible.

3. Going to a movie for date night is great, but you don’t really end up talking to your partner. That’s what I love about the HealthyFood Studio, you’re forced to have conversation, even if it is just “where is the saucepan?”. You and your partner need to work together and communicate while you cook up a storm.

4. My favourite thing about the HealthyFood courses is that you always leave with a new skill, and of course many new recipes! Each and every time that I have attended a course, I come home feeling inspired and motivated to cook really good and healthy food for the family. If healthy eating is something that you are battling with in your home, both of you learning new skills will mean that you’re on the same page and more likely to succeed.

5. Saving the best reason for last… you get to eat, a lot! Yes you cook and create amazing dishes, but then you get to gobble them down as well at a glorious table setting complete with wine so that you can toast to your new skills. It really is a wonderful way to end off the evening.

Keen to book yourself in for a course? Simply go to the Vitality HealthyFood website and pick from one of their many options. Have fun!

*Images by Tanya Kovarsky

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