The Midlands Kitchen, the ideal road trip pit stop

Remember our girls’ trip to Brahman Hills from a few weeks ago? Well before we left to road trip back to Jozi, we popped into The Midlands Kitchen to fill up our tummies, because no one wants to be hangry when they have a 4 hour drive home, amirite?

The Midlands Kitchen is huge! It has an entire outdoor play area for your pooches, a wonderful play area for the kiddies to run around and stretch their legs and you have the option of sitting inside or outdoors on the patio that overlooks part of the Midlands. The best part however is of course, the menu.

There are 15, yes 15 kitchens, each serving a different cuisine. You can pick and choose from all sorts of delicious dishes ranging from fragrant curries to crunchy salads or even some yummy free range chicken kebabs. Our little party of three decided to share a crazy yum pizza and a very generous portion of nachos. Obviously we couldn’t leave without dessert and so we ordered the most decadent Nutella pancakes, they were so delicious and so chocolatey!

The restaurant is open from 6am – 4pm daily which is pretty great I think. However, if you aren’t in the mood for a sit down meal, there is the option to “grab and go”, available until 8pm! It’s great to know that you can stop at The Midlands Kitchen and pick up some decent pad kos before starting your drive back home, whether you have a 4 hour or 40 minute drive.

Once every last crumb had been hoovered off of the plates, tummies full and cravings met, we headed back to the car to start our road trip home without any chance of getting hangry along the way. Thank you to The Midlands Kitchen for the perfect end to our girls’ weekend and start to our road trip home.


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