skinceuticals phyto corrective mask

It seems as though plant actives are the new “must have” ingredient recently. The most recent addition to my beauty arsenal is the Skinceuticals Phyto Corrective mask, although I didn’t end up using it on my face…

The newest addition to the advanced skincare brand, Skinceuticals, the Phyto Corrective mask (RSP R995 available from Skin Renewal) is all about calming and hydrating. It cools on contact, helping calm angry skin down and helps to soothe any irritation that may be present. It is pumped with my skin BFF, hyaluronic acid as well as botanicals and dipeptides. Texture wise, it is very light weight and gel like, making it perfect as an overnight mask. In fact, it can even be used as a moisturiser. I tried this and expected it to leave quite a sticky residue but nope, it felt really good and hydrating!

I attended a very informative morning with Skin Renewal where Dr Xen told us all about this impressive new offering. As most of you know, I have been going for regular treatments at Skin Renewal for my stretch marks. It’s been working like a bomb, and recently we added Dermapen to the mix. I’ll explain that process a little bit later but when Dr Xen asked if there were any questions, I asked him if I could use the Phyto Corrective mask post treatment. I found that after the Derma Pen, my skin felt like it had carpet burn and was very itchy. These are of course very normal reactions, but I was interested to know if this mask could help alleviate some of the irritation. Dr Xen assured me that it would work a small miracle and so off I trotted, mask in hand (that we were so generously gifted with), ready for my next Dermapen session.

Skinceauticals 1

Let me give you some information about Dermapen before we carry on. Based on skins ability to heal itself after trauma (such as cuts or abrasions), Dermapen is a form of controlled injury to the body, to increase collagen production, helping to skin to look smoother, firmer and improve the appearance of fine lines, scarring and stretch marks. I was slightly apprehensive about this treatment, I’ve seen the pictures and I was not excited about a bunch of needles stabbing me. As usual, Carien (my therapist extraordinaire at Skin Renewal) was outstanding. Before the treatment, she applied a topical anesthetic to my stomach and I had a 20 minute snooze while it set in. When it was time for the actual treatment, it was completely painless! It just felt like lots of scratching. And so quick, I was done within 20 minutes.

That evening though, like the first time, my skin started to itch and feel quite hot and so I slathered on some Phyto Corrective mask. No exaggeration, within 3 minutes my skin felt 100% fine. No itching, no burning and the redness had decreased dramatically. I honestly couldn’t believe it! I used the mask every night for a week and my skin never reacted. I’ve also used it as an after sun treatment and it worked brilliantly! I’m definitely packing it into my travel bag for our beach holiday in December!

While we are on the topic of my stretch marks, here is an update. Pretty darn impressive right?


I would say that the Carboxytherapy did the majority of the initial work but the Dermapen has really made an incredible difference.

Oh, if you didn’t already know, Skin Renewal has an online store! Shop to your heart our over here.






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