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If you were baking a cake, would you mix all the ingredients together, pour it into the cake tin and then hope for the best? Never! Or if you bought a new car, would you drive around not ever filling up with petrol and pray that you won’t break down on the freeway? Of course not! So then, why do we buy the most incredible skin care products and not go for monthly facials?

A little while ago I put this post up. It was super popular and my inbox was overflowing with questions, so I thought that I would delve a little deeper into the topic of having regular facials.

To me, this is such an essential part of a skin care regime: Once a month, when you go for your facial, you are blitzing the skin. And then the rest of the month, you use your specific home care products to maintain the skin. For example, if you had a congested, oily skin you would go for a deep cleanse facial once a month. In the facial, your therapist would do extractions properly so that your skin doesn’t scar or get damaged, she will also steam your skin so that when she does the extractions, they come out easier. The exfoliator and serums that she uses will, in all likelihood be more concentrated than what you use at home giving your skin the boost that you’re after. Another plus of having your regular facial is that your therapist can track your skin and the progress that you are making in relation to your specific concerns. She will also take the guess work out of selecting products that will suit your skins specific needs. As your skin improves, your therapist will adjust your products and treatments accordingly. Facials can also help if your skin reaches a plateau while treating your concern. Your therapist can adjust the products used in your professional treatment to kick start your skin again.

Here is a break-down of how the traditional facial flows. Just a note, this may differ slightly according to brands.

  1. Remove eye make-up and cleanse: This is pretty self explanatory. All of your make up needs to be removed and your skin perfectly cleansed so that the products you apply next will work effectively.
  2. Tone: Those of us that wear a lot of make up need this step as it removes the last traces of dirt or cover up. Toners also help to balance the pH of the skin.
  3. Exfoliate and steam: This is a very important part of the facial. The steaming helps to loosen the blackheads in the pores so that they can be removed easier. Exfoliation is good for literally every skin type. Your therapist may use a granular exfoliator or an enzymatic exfoliator, it all depends on your skin type and concerns. For example, a sensitive skin will need a gentle exfoliation in comparison to a more oily, coarse skin.
  4. Extractions: My worst as a client but my favourite as a therapist! It’s best to let the professionals handle your pimples and blackheads as it is so easy to scar and damage the skin.
  5. Massage: close your eyes and just relax!
  6. Serum and mask: Some therapists like to use a serum under the mask, some like to use it under the moisturiser, some like to use it under both. Whichever way they decide to use it, it’s important! A serum is a super charged, super concentrated boost for the skin. Your skin will drink it up and get back into action, combating your concern. Over that, your therapist will apply a lovely mask that will assist in achieving your skin care goal.
  7. Eye cream: Once your mask has been removed, its time to fight those crows feet. Try and bribe your therapist to apply a little to your upper lip as well.
  8. Serum, moisturiser and SPF: Again, your therapist may use a serum either here or under the mask. She will apply a moisturiser over this. Very important, make sure you walk out of the skin care centre with an SPF on your skin! The last thing you want is sun damage.

The trick is to find an exceptional skin care therapist – someone who knows what they are talking about and that you trust. They are, unfortunately few and far between, but once you find one, you stick with her like white on rice. There are two places in Cape Town (I’m still searching for my Jozi facial queen) that I trust with my face.

Village skin

Village Skincare & Medi Spa: This is such a little gem that you can find in the Meadowridge Shopping Centre. Michelle, the owner is one of the friendliest people I have ever come across. Her staff are as friendly, attentive, well educated and are passionate about skin! The treatments that they offer vary from nails to laser and of course, facials! The salon is clean and well kept. You can sip on Nespresso and flip through the latest magazines while you wait for your therapist to take you through to your beautifully decorated treatment room. They have a wide range of product houses available including Dermalogica, Environ and Lamelle. For the month of April, Village Skincare & Medi Spa are running a great special: When you book in for a Dermalogica skin treatment you will receive a complimentary eyebrow tint or eyelash tint PLUS your name will go into the lucky draw to win a Dermalogica skin care gift. Definitnely worth it! You can get hold of them on 021 713 3442 or like them on Facebook (Village Skincare & Medi Spa)


N’rgy Skin Spa: This skin centre is very dear to my heart because I worked there for a good 4 years. Ashleigh and Dawn are such a power duo! Dawn is the driving force and the owner of N’rgy while Ashleigh is therapist supreme! Their Signature facial is out of this world. A full 90min of bliss that starts off with a sublime back exfoliation – how could you say no to that?! Every month around the 20th they have a “20% off all facials day” and then around the 30th they have a “25% off body treatments day”. They stock Dermalogica and also do Dermaceutic peels. Give N’rgy a call on 021 701 4994, like them on Facebook (N’rgy Skin Spa), follow them on Instagram (@nrgyskinspa) or visit their website (www.nrgyskinspa.co.za)

Jozi gals, if you have a suggestion of where I can get the best facial, comment below so I can try them out. Have a lovely weekend everyone!



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