Theravine – first impressions

A little while ago I was given some Theravine travel sizes to try out. I kept putting it off because my skin has been in such a silly phase (as usual) when it occurred to me that this was probably the best time to test the products out.

I wasn’t really familiar with Theravine as a brand until these goodies landed in my lap. They are a proudly South African brand and are based in Stellenbosch. They combine anti-oxidants that they retrieve from pinotage grapes with powerful active ingredients to achieve results on the skin. What I really like is that because the product is made in South Africa, it is made with a South African skin in mind. We tend to have a lot more dehydration because of our climate, which leads to premature ageing. What was also comforting is that all of their products contain no harmful alcohols, perfumes or colourants. They also do not use destructive petrochemicals or mineral oils and do not test on animals.

I was lucky enough to be given a few different products to use. Because they were only tester sizes, I only got between 1 and 3 uses out of them. That’s why this is a “first impressions” post as opposed to a full blown review. As we all know, to get the full effect of a product, you need to use if for at least 3 weeks. Today I will just be telling you my initial thoughts and how the product felt on my skin.

Gentle Foaming Cleanser: (R264 for 250ml) I much prefer foaming cleansers over creamy ones, my skin just feels much more clean and grime free. This particular cleanser from Theravine is soap free (yay!) and has antiseptic properties which makes it ideal for a combination/oily skin.

My first impressions: This smells amazing, very citrus-ey and fresh. It doesn’t foam up like crazy with bubbles everywhere but it is far from creamy. I used it over a full face of make up and it removed all of it effectively, including my eye make up. What really impressed me was that my eyes didn’t burn at all (and I really got into those lashes to remove the layers of mascara). Afterwards, my skin did feel slightly tight but I suppose thats the risk you run when using a foaming cleanser when your skin is dehydrated. To be honest, I probably wouldn’t have even noticed if I wasn’t looking for it. I would definitely consider purchasing this as my next cleanser.

Balancing Toner: (R264 for 250ml) If you aren’t using a toner, have a read through this post from last week. This toner is, like the Gentle Foaming Cleanser, for an oily/combination skin and helps to deep cleanse the pores and balance the sebaceous glands. It also doesn’t contain any alcohol or colourants, hooray!

My first impressions: This didn’t dazzle or disappoint me. I think its quite difficult to review a toner. I can tell you that it didn’t burn when applied and my skin didn’t feel tight or dehydrated afterwards. I used it after removing a mask and it definitely did help remove every last trace of product, even after I had rinsed my face a good few times.

Pinotage Exfoliating Enzyme: (R334 for 50ml) Enzyme exfoliators are my favourite. I find that I get better results on my skin using an enzyme exfoliator as opposed to a granular one. The Pinotage Exfoliating Enzyme has papaya and pineapple extract that will function as the exfoliang ingredients. It also has allantoin which soothing.

My first impressions: I was quite interested to see how my skin would react to this product, the enzymes are very stimulating while the allantoin is supposed to help calm a sensitive skin. I was not disappointed at all, this is a great product! My skin didnt burn at all while it was on. I did try my luck though and apply it very close to my eyes, bad move, they started stinging. When I removed it, my skin was incredibly soft and smooth to the touch and not red at all. I would happily use this on my skin twice a week, the results are great.

Face Relaxant Ampoules: (R712 for 60 capsules) I was told that these are like botox in a capsule because of active ingredient argireure which is clinically proven to reduce wrinkle depth by 50% after 30 days of use. I didn’t need any more convincing to try it out after that!

My first impressions: My absolute favourite, I cannot say enough good things about this product! The texture of this ampule is super silky and once applied my skin literally felt like satin. A lot of serums have a very silicone texture but this one didn’t which I really liked. I applied this close to my eyes as well and they didn’t sting at all. The next morning my skin still felt as soft and smooth and definitely looked more hydrated. I can’t wait to see the results after using a few of these!


Hydrating Gel Mask: (R327 for 50ml) This came just in the nick of time. My skin has been quite flakey because of the dry Highveld winter. Green clay silt and natural plant botanicals help hydrate and soothe a sensitive skin. Because this is a gel mask, it isn’t very rich and is perfect for a much younger skin.

My first impressions: I was expecting a clear gel but it is a rust colour which was interesting. It doesn’t have an offensive smell but not a distinct smell either. I quite liked that as sometimes masks have such a pungent fragrance that it can make me feel a bit naar. I only applied this to one half of my face so that I could compare the result to something. There was a noticeable change in my skins texture and my skin definitely felt slightly more plump on the side that I had applied the mask to. When it was on my skin it had a very cooling effect which I imagine would be very comforting for someone who suffers from sensitivity, or even someone who caught a bit too much sun. I have one application left and I am going to see what the results are like if you sleep with it on overnight. I would definitely consider having one of these on my bathroom shelf as my next hydrating mask.

Moisurising Cream Mask: (R327 for 50ml) Richer than the hydrating gel mask, this is for someone that has a more mature skin and is battling the age dragon. It helps to firm the connective tissue network (the structure that holds the skin taunt). It also contains hyaluronic acid which will help to hydrate the skin.

My first impressions: I was a bit nervous to apply this to my face as my skin really doesn’t react well to very rich products and so I applied this to the top of my hand. I know its not the same, but I wanted to be able to give some form of feedback. It wasn’t as thick as I thought it would be but it was deliciously creamy. My skin felt very smooth after removing it, and a definite difference in the texture. I can see how this would be beneficial to someone slightly more mature than me, especially during the drier months.

Purifying Herbal Mask: (R334 for 50ml) I was pretty excited about this mask as I have been noticing a lot of congestion on my jawline again. Because of the natural clays and minerals that this mask is infused with, it should increase cell turnover by 10% as well as absorb any impurities in the skin.

My first impressions: What really surprised me after using this mask was that my skin felt incredibly moisturised afterwards – not something you would expect from a purifying mask. My mind wasn’t blown straight after using it but the next morning, the bumps caused by the congestion wern’t as raised and there were definitely a few that were ready to be extracted. If I purchased this product, I would use it more as a spot treatment whenever I felt the need. Always a good thing to have on hand if you suffer from congestion or breakouts.

Super Hydrating Day Cream: (R453 for 50ml) I had high expectations for this moisturiser. It has a slow release action of hyaluronic acid so that for 24hr hydration which sounded very promising.

My first impressions: For me personally, this is slightly too thick to use in the morning, I like something very light and so I chose to use it at night over a Face Relaxant Ampoule. What an incredible combination! My skin felt smooth, hydrated and soft. Even better, I didn’t feel weighed down with product, my skin felt light and comfortable. This wouldn’t be my first choice as a day cream, but I would happily use it as a night cream.

Hydrating Eye Gel: (R303 for 30ml) We all know how obsessed I am with eye products and once I find one that works, I rarely stray. I like the fact that this is a gel, meaning it will decrease puffiness and dark circles over and above hydrating the area. If you suffer from eczema around your eyes, this eye gel should have a soothing and calming affect.

My first impressions: Although you are supposed to be able to use this on sensitive or sensitised skin, my eyes did tingle a little bit. It settled down after a few minutes but it was a bit concerning. The gel felt cool against my skin and so I’m sure that it would help with dark circles and puffiness with time.

When I woke up the next morning after using all of these products my skin still felt as incredible as it did the night before. Noticeably plumper and definitely more healthy looking. I really love the fact that the products are so full of anti-oxidants, living in a polluted city, my skin needs as much help as it can get when it comes to fighting off free radicals.

The Face Relaxant Ampoules, Pinotage Exfoliating Enzyme and Gentle Foaming Cleanser are by far my favourites out of the lot and are definitely going on my every expanding list of products to buy. The only product I wouldn’t purchase is the Hydrating Eye Gel simply for the fact that my eyes stung slightly. Other than that, these are really great products at a very reasonable price.

Great news, you can purchase your Theravine products online! Simply hop onto their website here and shop away.




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