Thalgo Prodige des Oćeans

Those of you who have been avid followers of Mascara & Mimosas will remember a little while back I did a post listing all my beauty bucket list products (you can read it here). Well, you can only imagine my excitement when I actually got to try number one on my list – the Thalgo Prodige des Oćeans.

I’ve posted about Thalgo quite a few times (here and here), I am clearly a fan of this French brand. What I really love, love, love about Thalgo is how environmentally conscious they are. When harvesting their algae (the whole brand is centred around this super-plant) they only do so during equinox. This occurs twice a year when the sun crosses the celestial equator. The algae rises to the surface of the ocean and is, for a lack of a better description, scooped up. To make this process even more awesome, whatever algae Thalgo harvests, it replaces so that the eco circle of the ocean stays intact and the sea bed is left undisturbed. The world record holder, free diver Aurore Asso (if you don’t know who she is, go check out this YouTube video) is Thalgo’s ambassador. Her personal goal is to preserve the worlds sea beds and so she has massive fundraising initiatives to aid this. I find all of this so impressive and it really makes me feel so happy knowing that the brand I am using and supporting takes their responsibility towards our planet seriously.

Back to the crux of the matter: Prodige. The catchphrase for this product is regenerative marine intelligence. Ok, so what is the big deal about marine intelligence? There are two main reasons: first of all, the nutrients that Thalgo collects from the ocean are in pure bio-affinity with our body. This means that the body sees these ingredients as part of itself and so when they are applied to the skin, they are absorbed quickly and the body puts them to use immediately rendering visible results almost instantly. The second reason why marine intelligence is so incredible is because the ocean and algae is full to the brim of essential minerals and vitamins. No matter how healthily we eat or how many multivitamins we take, we will still lack some essential elements for our skin to function at its optimum. This is where Prodige comes into play – it contains a hefty 61 bio available nutrients. How insane is that – 61 nutrients that your skin identifies with and will grab onto like a shopaholic to her sale items. Prodige will also boost the skin cells regeneration process. This means that the skin’s metabolism is boosted, resulting in a luminous, glowing complexion and a healthy skin, even to the deepest layers.

I apply a pea size amount of this pearlescent essence to my skin every night, underneath my moisturiser. It has a very light marine scent which I really liked – I’m not one for overly fragrant skincare products. I initially used little pinching and tapping movements to stimulate my skin when I applied Prodige, only later did I see that there is a little insert in the box that explains how Thalgo suggests you apply it – ooops, probably better to follow their advice! Anyway, once it was on, it absorbed so quickly and beautifully which makes me believe that this can be used even on the most oily of skins. The million dollar question is, how did it feel on my skin and more importantly, has it made a difference?  It literally felt like there was nothing on my skin but it was still so incredibly soft – almost velvet like. I had to consciously tell myself to stop touching my face. The next morning when I woke up, I didn’t expect my skin to feel as amazing as the night before, but it did! As I continue to use it, my skin fees more hydrated and the texture has definitely improved. Something that I have also noticed is that my foundation applies better and stays even for longer; usually it starts to look slightly patchy in the dehydrated areas of my face. I’ve been complaining a lot recently about my skin becoming more oily – Prodige has definitely helped to balance my crazy sebaceous glands out a bit which makes me so happy! Overall my skin just looks and definitely feels so much healthier.

Prodige does come with a bit of a price tag – the recommended retail price is R2595 but I believe it is completely justified: the ingredients alone are out of this world and the results are unparalled– an incredible investment in your skins health.




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    March 5, 2015 at 7:23 am

    I use Thalgo Prodige des Oceans as well and I love it!

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    [beauty] : renew luxury spa -
    September 17, 2016 at 8:56 pm

    […] me. Thalgo is a brand that I have spoken about a fair amount, you can find out more about them over here if you would like […]

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