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New product launches, is there anything better? Definitely not, especially when it’s from one of my favourite skincare brands! Lets get straight into what Dermalogica is bringing your way…

HydrablurTM Primer (RSP R850, launching March 2016): If you’re a Dermalogica fundi, you’ll know that they already offer two primers – Skin Perfect primer that forms part of the AgeSmart range and the Redness Relief primer which is part of the UltraCalming line. The HydrablurTM primer is going to fall into the grey line and is perfect for every skin type – hooray! The thinking behind this specific product was to blur the line between cosmetics and skin care, and I have to say, I am a huge fan. Skin Perfect used to be my favourite Dermalogica primer but this new one has kicked it to the curb. There are a few key ingredients that I will quickly run through before telling you about my experience with the product.

H2OReleaseTM Complex (Sodium Hyaluronate, Algin and Trehalose) keeps the skin flexible and smooth while also increasing and sustaining hydration levels throughout the day.

Absynnian Seed Oil creates a non-occlusive film over the skin (don’t worry, it won’t clog your pores!) to create the illusion of a smooth and refined texture.

There are also mattifiers added to mop up any excess oil but also to lessen the appearance of imperfections like fine, dry lines, creating the much coveted blurred or soft-focus effect.

Fomes Officinalis Extract (it’s a crazy scientific name for a type of mushroom) helps to reduce the appearance of pores and their size.

Another ingredient with a funky name, Wu-Zhu –Yu Fruit Extract boosts micro-circulation giving the skin a radiant glow.

The texture of the HydrablurTM Primer is perfect in my opinion. It feels silky smooth and only slightly silicone-y. It doesn’t feel heavy at all and when I have worn it just by itself for the optical illusion it creates on my skin, it doesn’t feel like it’s melting off, even in this horrific heat we have been having in Johannesburg.

Like I just mentioned, sometimes I like to wear it just by itself as it honestly does give that blurring effect on the skin which is fab. When I use it under my foundation or BB cream it definitely makes my make-up look more buffed into the skin (even if I have used my trusty Real Techniques Buffing Brush) and my foundation literally doesn’t move for the entire day.

The only downside to this primer compared to the other two is that it doesn’t have an SPF built into it so make sure you pop one on to protect your skin!

Hydrablur primer

Charcoal Rescue Mask (RSP R790 launching April 2016): This is literally a “it does it all, for everyone” product and I couldn’t be happier. The Charcoal Rescue Mask first and foremost detoxes the skin, and who doesn’t need that with all the pollution we’re exposed to, never mind the naughty foods we ingest that end up wrecking havoc on our skin. If the skin is detoxed, it will look bright and invigorated, as opposed to dull and lack-lustre. The next thing it does is exfoliate the skin, both chemically and mechanically. Given, it’s not the most intense exfoliation in the world but it’s a great perk to the product. Lastly, this mask addresses breakouts, sensitivity and ageing. Let’s go through the ingredients quick sticks before I tell you what I thought about the product.

Activated Binchotan otherwise known as Japanese Ubame Oak is a type of charcoal which is great for drawing out impurities, excess sebum and toxins.

Sensitive skin gals, you’ll be happy to know that this mask has a whole bunch of Sulpher packed into it. It is renowned for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties when treating acne, as well as calming and soothing skin conditions like rosacea and eczema.

Volcanic Ash is a mechanical exfoliator and will leave the skin looking and feeling smooth and revitalised.

Then we have the chemical exfoliation trio: Phytic Acid, Lactic Acid and Mandelic Acid. These three work together to not only brighten the skin, but to also speed up cell turnover which will cause an increase of collagen production.

Niacinamide is great for those that suffer with sensitivity as it reduces redness and inflammation.

Last but not least, we have Chilean Wild Mint which clarifies the skin and refines the pores.

I was ridiculously excited to try this mask – I mean, it sounds amazing doesn’t it? I can be incredibly lazy and so I love that you don’t have to exfoliate your skin before using this product because of it’s built in exfoliators – it makes it feel like less of a schlep. You need to apply quite a thick layer of this mask onto the skin and then leave it for about 7 minutes. I didn’t feel any tingling or stinging while it was on. The only thing I did notice was the very different smell due to the sulpher. I personally didn’t find it offensive but it isn’t your run of the mill marine/flower/essential oil fragrance. When the 7 minutes are up, you lightly massage the mask into your skin with wet hands to give a further exfoliation before removing the mask completely. This isn’t harsh or abrasive at all and I quite enjoyed it. Be warned – this mask is black so don’t use your most precious facecloth to remove it, use the darkest one you can find! The thing that surprised me the most was that my skin didn’t feel at all tight after using it, and it’s not often that that happens. Instead, my skin’s texture felt incredibly smooth and it definitely appeared brighter. I’ve used this mask a few times now and I have to say, it’s become a holy grail product for me. I will happily purchase another tube when this one is finished.

Charcoal mask

IonActiveTM Power Treatment (RSP TBC, launching in June 2016): A brand new skin treatment from Dermalogica is always exciting! The IonActiveTM Power Treatment is the next step after the Bio Surface Peel. It is an intense 45 minute treatment that can be used with treatment devices. It’s aim is to treat skin concerns such as acne, dehydration, hyperpigmentation, skin ageing as well as sensitivity by forcing active ingredients deeper into the skin and at a faster rate.

Now because the treatment hasn’t rolled out into skin centres just yet, I can only tell you what it is supposed to do, not an actual review of what it did on my skin.

The first step in the treatment is to apply one of the following four IonActivesTM:

Retinol 1% IonActiveTM for anti-ageing. The 1% micro-encapsulated retinol improves the skin texture and lessens the appearance of wrinkles. There is also micro-encapsulated Chorella extract which contains the same proteins and amino acid that we find in the dermal fibres. This means that the production of collagen is sped up, improving the skins firmness.

Hyaluronic Acid IonActiveTM is for a dehydrated skin. Now you’ve heard me ramble on about HA so many times, you’re probably an expert on it. But just in case you forgot, HA aids the skins hydration and binds water into the deeper layers of the epidermis, meaning your skin will have a constant refresh of hydration. Another thing it does is protect the skin from external irritants and pollutants so if you have an environmentally sensitised skin, this is probably the IonActiveTM for you!

If you suffer from hyperpigmentation (areas of dark pigmentation) or uneven skin tone, the Oligopeptide IonActiveTM is for you! Without getting too technical, this powerful IonActiveTM controls melanogenesis (the formation of melanin), reduces pigmentation spots and reduces redness in the skin. Also contained in this IonActiveTM is Oligopeptides 34 and 51 which have been shown to reduce melanin production as well as lighten and brighten the skin. Sounds good to me!

Niacinamide IonActiveTM is going to be your BFF if you suffer from adult acne. It inhibits the growth of the acne causing bacteria and reduces the formation of clogged pores, swelling and inflammation. Colloidal silver and tea tree extract have been added to act as antibacterial agents as well as Japanese Knotwood to control sebum production.

Once the appropriate IonActiveTM has been applied to your skin (and the optional use of a treatment device), your skincare therapist will apply a gelloid, a hybrid of a massage medium and a mask, to further enhance the penetration of the product. There are two gelloids available, each with specific properties:

ExoThermal Gelloid is for a stressed, ageing or dehydrated skin. It is a thermal, self-heating formula that heats up immediately with the natural heat of our hands which in turn drives ingredients (like the ones in your specific IonActiveTM) deeper into the skin.

EndoThermal Gelloid is for sensitive, inflamed skin as well as acne. This gelloid offers a cooling sensation as well as antioxidant protection against sun damage.

To get the best results from this facial, Dermalogica suggests that you book a course of three to six treatments, receiving one every two to four weeks. And of course, your homecare products are an integral part of the process! To find your nearest Dermalogica stockist, have a look at their website over here.

I’m definitely excited to go for one of these treatments and you can be sure I will be giving you a full run down afterwards!ionactive treatment

I know this was a very lengthy post but I wanted to give you all the details of the new products and treatment – which one are you most excited about?



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