Dr Gobac SPF 25

Sunscreens have always been my least favourite part of my morning routine – it always tends to feel heavy, sticky and look Alan Donald white on my skin. This is until I discovered the Dr Gobac sunscreen – game changer of note!

Since we are going to Namibia for a week I decided that this was a good time to test drive a new sunscreen.

What a love about the Dr Gobac range as a whole is that it is a cosmeceutical. This means that it treats your skin all the way down to the deepest layers, not just on the surface like a lot of over the counter products do.

The first thing that I noticed and loved about this product is that it uses a non toxic form of zinc instead of the normal zinc you find in other sunscreens. This means no more 50 shades of white on your face – yippee!

I haven’t felt any oiliness or heaviness on my skin which really is a plus.

One of the questions that I asked when purchasing this product is why the SPF was only 25, why not 30 or 40? The reason for this is that the higher the SPF, the more chemicals need to be added and Dr Gobac wanted to keep the chemical level as low as possible while still delivering a good results.  I can definitely vouch that SPF 25 is sufficient, I have a very sun sensitive skin and go red from standing outside for 10mins, I haven’t had any burning what so ever since using this sunscreen.

Other ingredients include vitamin C which is a great anti-oxidant  and brown algae extract which gives ozone protection. It is also non-toxic so can be used on the whole family including bambinos.

It retails for R350 for 40ml. Considering what you pay for your average moisturiser, how little you use and that sunscreen should be an integral part of your routine, I really don’t think that this is a bad price.

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