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This skin of mine, at the moment I just cannot seem to keep it happy! It’s become too oily (hormonal changes, joy) for the products that I used to be happy with and it gets too dehydrated for products made for oily skin. I keep breaking out along the jawline (classic for when your hormones are going haywire) and the midday shine is driving me nuts!

I popped into Clicks just over a week ago for a browse and randomly picked up two products. I had read a little bit about both of them and thought “why not?” Best decision EVER! My skin is so happy – less breakouts, no more oily shine but still hydrated.

They are both well priced which is great and you use such a small amount that they are absolute budget buys.

Ponds Multi Action Facial Foam + Scrub (R32,99 for 50ml, R49,99 for 100ml at Clicks)

I’m not a huge fan of creamy cleansers. To me it always feels like there is an oily film on my skin after rinsing. This product is the exception to the rule. It took me one or two days to get used to the consistency – it is quite a thick almost paste. I found what works best is to apply a small amount to the skin and then add a little bit of water to foam it up. After rinsing, my skin feels so clean but not stripped of all of its natural oils (the oils you actually want in your skin) like traditional soap does. If you are still cleansing your skin with soap – PLEASE STOP! This miracle in a tube promises to fight the 10 oil and spot problems that come with a problematic skin with a few magical tools:

  1. Salicylic acid (a natural exfoliant) gives the skin a deep cleanse and removes 99% of bacteria that causes breakouts.
  2. Herbal clay is pretty powerful – calms an irritated skin, regulates oil levels AND mops up excess oil – goodbye midday shine!
  3. Scrub beads exfoliate the skin, smoothes the skins texture and plays a large role in reducing pigmentation and dark spots.
  4. Brightening essence does just that – brightens the complexion of a dull, tired looking skin.

I have used this over my eyes before and it removed all of my eye make up brilliantly. However I would not recommend this as the eyes are quite sensitive and some of the ingredients in this product could cause irritation. I’ve used this product for just over a week and could not be more pleased, my skin is less oily but not dehydrated and my breakouts are significantly less. A complete win in my books!

image (9)

Dirty Works 8-in-1 Miracle Cream (R99,99 at Clicks)

I literally bought this product on a whim. It looked cute and was on special and so into the shopping basket it went. I could not be more impressed! My skin is so soft and hydrated – I actually feel like I’m “feeding” my skin when I apply it. What’s great is that it doesn’t feel thick and so it is perfect for a combination or slightly oily skin. This moisturiser has eight anti-ageing functions: firm the skin, brighten the complexion, even out the skin tone, fill fine lines, diminish wrinkles, hydrate, stimulate collagen production and smooth the skins texture. I use a pea size amount and it is enough to cover my whole face and underneath the chin. My foundation applys beautifully over this moisturiser and my skin feels like a dream the entire day. I can tell that this is going to become one of my staples on the bathroom shelf.

image (10)

I’m so chuffed to have found some products that work on my particularly fussy skin, even better that they are completely affordable! It seems that the universe is trying to prove to me that affordable products do not equate to poor quality. Touche universe, touche.



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    February 17, 2015 at 6:38 pm

    And im such a clicks fan
    Thanks x

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      February 17, 2015 at 6:40 pm

      So glad you enjoyed the post 🙂 Clicks has some awesome brands – I’m so glad I found these two winners!
      PS when I went last week the Miracle Cream was 20% off!

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    [steal] : five under fifty |
    April 22, 2015 at 10:02 am

    […] Foam + Scrub (about R32.99 for 50ml at leading retailers) – I already reviewed this cleanser over here but I can’t believe that my skin is still reacting so well to it! Friends of mine that have […]

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