How we saved 25% on our insurance premiums and still increased our cover

Although it’s one of those monthly payments that we make begrudgingly, Dan and I are both in agreement that having both household and car insurance is a non-negotiable for us. And so we pay, oh boy do we pay! This is why when we were able to cut our insurance premiums by 25% while still increasing our cover, I knew that I had to share how we did it, especially because everyone (us included) seem to be trying to pinch pennies where ever they can these days.

I’m sure by now you all know that I will always be honest about the products and services that I feature on Mascara & Mimosas, and so even though Incompass has sponsored this post, I still wanted to go through the entire process with them to see if they could actually offer me better premiums than what I was currently paying. Plus, that way I could also get a feel for their customer service, and you know that it doesn’t take a lot for me to get frustrated in that regard…

We have never used a broker for our insurance, we’ve always just done all of the investigating and admin ourselves so the fact that we only had to fill in two forms was amazing! Jemimah from Incompass was so on the ball; she requested all the info that she needed in that very first email (don’t you hate the back and forth when people forget stuff?!) and always replied to my mails so promptly, what a pleasure!

While she was going through our household insurance, she let us know that our cover was way too low, and that we actually needed to triple it if we wanted it to cover the majority of our goods. I was pretty upset when I heard this, I just knew that this meant that our premium would sky rocket, I mean, we were tripling our cover! But despite this, we put on our adulting hats and asked her to go ahead with the new figure. I should probably also tell you that this was all on the first day, I can’t tell you how happy it makes me when I receive service that is quick and efficient.

In my mind, we were going to wait a week or so to get quotes back, but we got them within two days, I was pretty impressed. But I was even more impressed when I opened the email: Incompass was able to reduce our premiums by 25%, despite the fact that we were increasing our household cover. How amazing is that? They also managed to reduce our excess by more than 50% and increase our unspecified cover for household insurance. I was pretty blown away. Yes, we had to move to a different service provider but we didn’t have to pay an initiation fee, and Incompass was going to be doing all of the admin of dealing with the new company! What. A. Win!

All that was left to do was complete the forms for our new insurance and then send them back to Jemimah who would then deal with all of that admin, leaving me slightly more stress free.

I know that insurance is not exactly the most exciting topic, but like I said earlier, it is a necessity and the fact that we are now going to be saving a whole chunk of money while having much better cover is really awesome! Had we not asked Incompass for a quote, we would still be grossly under-insured while paying more, how ridiculous.

If you haven’t re-evaluated your insurance within the last 18 months or so, I would really recommend that you contact the insurance gurus from Incompass, it was well worth it for us. They also do commercial, guest house and Air BnB insurance.

*This post is sponsored by Incompass

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