My Current Favourite Serums

Do I talk too much about serums? I dunno, but I do love them and they’re usually amazing so I feel like it’s OK if I do. Today I chat about my current 3 favourites. Let dive straight in!

Number one with a gun (at the moment) are my Theravine Face Relaxant Amoules (R712 online here). I have spoken about these miracle ampoules before over here, but I have to say, my love for them has only grown the more I have used them.

The main function of this product is to reduce fine lines and wrinkles that are caused by muscle contractions (which causes the skin to fold). It’s star ingredient is Argireline which is said to reduce wrinkle depth by 50% in 30 days. This is all well and good but I don’t have many pronounced wrinkles yet and so I use it for its a complete different reason.

After I have applied the ampoule, my skin feels and looks like satin. I feel like it literally retexturises my skin without exfoliation, which makes zero sense but that’s the best way I can describe it. My skin feels smooth and the dehydrated pretty much disappear.

The effect is not short lived either – I like to use the ampoules at night (once or twice a week), and when I wake up in the morning, my skin is still velvety soft and looks incredibly healthy. This was the first Theravine product that I ever tried and I am completely sold on it. Theravine is cruelty free and is proudly South African, whoopee!

When I’m not using my Face Relaxant Ampoules, I actually mix two serums together which was a first for me but I have to say, the results are top notch!

The first product that I apply is the good ol’ faithful Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Booster (R850 online here). What I really love about this hydrating fluid is that it doesn’t make your skin feel greasy and so if you have an oily skin that is still dehydrated (me, a lot of the time), you won’t hate using this.

It’s got some great ingredients packed into it (hyaluronic acid and algae extracts) that are going to moisturize the skin and also help to minimize those horrid fine dehydration lines. I do find that this leaves my skin feeling a tiny bit tacky but once I apply my second serum (or moisturizer) that’s no longer a problem.

After my first serum is pressed in and has started to do its thang, I use my Africology Absolute Rose Serum (R500 online here). I mentioned this a week or so ago in my monthly favorites and said that I would chat a bit more about how I use it and why I love it.

As I mentioned before, this serum is for those that suffer from hormonal breakouts (usually along the jaw line) but also suffer from dehydration – rose essential oil is beneficial to both of those conditions! This is really amazing because it’s not often that you find something that will alleviate both of these problems.

This serum from Africology is an oil and so it might take some getting used to if you’re anything like me. Because of this fact, I don’t apply a moisturizer over it, I did once and it just felt way too heavy. I use quite a small amount and press it into my skin, on top of my Dermalogica serum. The result? My skin feels super plumped up and intensely nourished and hydrated.

This combination of serums has really been my skins saving grace over the past few months. Although it is a little bit of extra work, serums really do make world of difference! I think that when summer rolls around, I will definitely switch things up a bit so you can expect a second installment of this post in a few month’s time.

If you have any serums that you swear by, let me know in the comments.


South African Influencer Sarah Booyens

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  1. These sound divine! I actually had a look at the Dermalogica one a little while ago; think I need to go back and buy it! Obsessed with Africology, so going to check that one out, too! Lovely informative post, as always! xxx

    • Chereeen you are a darling xxx The Africology one has definitely helped with my hormonal breakouts that dont seem to ever disappear.

  2. Aaaaa I have been waiting to hear more about the Africology serum! I’m heading over to Kiehls this weekend to get the Overnight Recovery Serum to see if it’ll sort out the acne scaring I have, but I wanted another serum to use in between (you know one day Kiehls the next day another dude) and I think I need this Africology one. My skin isn’t breaking out as badly as it was but my jawline seems to be plagued by a constant breakout! So I may just have to add this to my skincare arsenal as I’m looking more like 15 than 26!

    Great post cookie, super informative and makes me want to spend my money 😉

    • The Africology serum has definitely helped with the breakouts on my jawline – you will love it! Can’t wait to hear about the Kiehls Overnight Recovery Serum x


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