Microdermabrasion at Renew Clinic

Renew Clinic has really been treating me (and my skin) recently!

If you live in Jozi and you haven’t popped into this aesthetic clinic yet, you’re really missing out! As you all know, I’m probably a skin centres worst nightmare. I mentally critique everything and if anything is even slightly unhygienic, I literally get up and leave. What makes it worse is that I spent 10 years working in skin centres and I think this makes me even more critical. Anyway, suffice to say, I didn’t walk out of Renew! Sarah, the owner is so friendly and incredibly knowledgable, as are her therapists. Their treatments are advanced, effective and most importantly well priced. I really appreciate that they go the extra mile for you and I never felt like just another sausage being pushed out of the factory. But most importantly though, these girls know what they are talking about, and believe me, I asked a LOT of questions. I’m already planning of going back to finish my laser hair removal that I started in Cape Town. It’s not weird to ask for hair removal for Christmas right?

Anyway, moving on. Just over two weeks ago I had a Lamelle Beta peel (read about that here) at Renew and then this week I had some Microdermabrasion done. My skin wasn’t feeling particularly terrible, just the normal dehydration that this ghastly winter lovingly gives me. Sarah also told me that having some Microderm done two weeks after a peel was a great way of making sure that all the dead skin that the peel…um…peeled away is removed. I remember Microdermabrasion being all the treatment to have about 8 years ago. The hype definitely died down after a while (as it does for everything) but there are definitely still some great advantages to going for a session.

Basically Microdermabrasion is the use of tiny granules to buff away the surface layer of skin more aggressively than your normal exfoliator that you use at home. The machine shoots out the little crystals which are then immediately sucked back up again by a vacuum action. Now, when you remove this top layer of skin, the body sees it as an injury and so goes into repair mode, sending a huge influx of healthy, new cells to the area. Essentially we have tricked the skin to increase cell regeneration and to get brand new cells sitting on the surface, instead of the dulling dead ones. Microderm is great for helping to reduce fine lines, scarring, dehydration and even pigmentation with continued use.

It sounds worse than it actually feels. You definitely notice the suction on your skin, but its not crazy powerful that feels like it’s going to suck your eyeball out of it’s socket! The crystals just feel like an abrasive exfoliation on the skin. My session was about 10mins long and Agnes covered my whole face as well as under my chin. What was quite nice is that she did the one half of my face and then made me feel both sides so that I could compare. It’s pretty phenomenal! The side that had had the treatment was like silk, I couldn’t believe that it was my own skin! After the session, Agnes applied a moisturiser and of course SPF. If you follow me on Snapchat (mascaramimosas) you would have seen my red little face straight after my treatment. I have a very reactive skin and it goes red for absolutely everything but I was back to normal within an hour. The aftercare for Microdermabrasion is very similar to that after a peel – no exfoliation for 10 days, wear an SPF every day and it’s always best to use a hydrating moisturiser and even serum or mask.

Besides going for Microdermabrasion, the second reason I was so excited to go back to Renew, was to get my second Visia skin analysis done. If you follow me on Instagram (@mascara_and_mimosas) you would have seen the super attractive picture of me getting this done. What’s so awesome is that I could compare the percentages from before my peel to this more current reading to see what the peel actually did. All in all, my skin really did improve, Im not going to show you all of the pictures because there are a lot but these are the ones I was the most impressed with. I think that the results are really amazing after just one peel!

Underlying UV damage improved by 38%side 2 uv spots

Wrinkles and dehydration lines improved by 12%side 2 wrinkles

Underlying broken capillaries improved by 11%side red areas


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