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I think I will always be on the search for those elusive miracle products that will magically transform my skin from drab to fab. Surely they must be out there somewhere?!

A few weeks ago I was given the opportunity to have a Lamelle facial as well as try out the newly reformulated Nourish line. Obviously I jumped at the chance! I have had Lamelle chemical peels, and really liked the brand from what I had experienced so far, and so off I went to The New You in Bedfordview to go have my facial. Just a note – Lamelle is stocked by many different salons and spas, all you need to do is hop onto their website to find your nearest stockist. Anyway, back to my facial. The New You is more of an aesthetic clinic and so if it’s dramatic and good results that you are after, this is the place for you! My therapist Riana made me feel so comfortable and the facial was absolutely sublime! I had the Essentials Facial which included a lovely hydrating mask, perfect since winter had made my skin look (and feel) like a prune.

After my facial I was given a huge bag of products, I couldn’t wait to get home and tear into it! Inside was one of each of the Nourish products, I was thrilled! Now, I have already started to use them, but I am going to hold off giving you my opinion for a few more weeks, I want to give the products enough time to actually do their thang. For now, I’m going to tell you a bit more about the Nourish range and what it should do for your skin.

Simply put, the products within the Nourish range repair damaged DNA in skin cells and prevent further damage from occurring making Nourish a revolutionary anti ageing product. This sounds very impressive but why should we whip out our hard-earned cash and spend it on this specific product line? The DNA in our skin cells gets damaged due to environmental factors over time; this is one of the major contributing factors when it comes to ageing as well as premature ageing. Lamelle has formulated active ingredients to literally go into our skin cells that have damaged DNA to repair and correct. Not only does it correct damage, it will prevent further damage occurring, meaning we will look young forever, well not really, but you catch my drift.

There are a few products available, I’m going to give a very quick description of each, my next post in a few weeks will be more detailed. All of the products contain active ingredients to correct and prevent DNA damage.

Daily Cleanse – A soap free gel cleanser that deep cleanses the pores.

Revitalise Cream – Deeply nourishing and perfect for night time use.

Revitalise Lite – Formulated for a more combination skin type but great for daytime use for most skin types.

Revitalise Eye – Although the main function of this cream based eye product is to contour the skin and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, it also tackles congestion and puffiness head on.

Multi Active Sun SPF 30 – A broad spectrum organic sun protection product with added anti-oxidants to soak up excess free radicals.

Rescue Repair Gel – Anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant, this is a must have in everybody’s home. It works wonders on skin irritations as well as sunburn.

It all sounds pretty good right? I’m busy testing out the products at the moment and I have to say, so far, so good. Make sure you subscribe and follow me on social media (all those buttons as well as the subscribe button are at the top right of this page) so you know exactly when the next Nourish post is up.

Psssst there may or may not be something awesome in it for you!


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