what’s in our hospital bags, part two – mom’s bag

Here it is, part two of what I have crammed into bags for us to take with to the hospital when the big day arrives! Don’t let this image fool you, mama’s hospital bag is not sexy!

If you missed out on part one, you can read and watch it here. Don’t forget to download the handy checklists on that post. They will do you a world of good when your head is spinning and you have no idea what you are actually doing.

I hope that you enjoy today’s video – again, it’s a little bit long, but there really is so much stuff to go through and so much to say (even though I kept it as short and sweet as possible).

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South African Influencer Sarah Booyens

I’m Sarah, shameless coffee addict, brazen beauty fiend, mid-size style gal and the heart behind parentingbeauty and lifestyle blog, Mascara & Mimosas.


  1. Loved this two part series as I am now having to pack baby and my bags soon.

    Don’t you want to maybe do an update onehat you actually used and maybe if there are any new tips since going through it all.

    I read somewhere to pack a face spritz but all of them are scented so I am a little conflicted.

    Loving the blog!

  2. Lovely video. Gosh, I remember that breathlessness when talking a lot. Kuddo’s to you for doing a video.


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