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I am the worlds laziest person when it comes to shopping – I hate all the people, all the walking (especially when you feel like you weigh about 200kg – thanks Hagrid!) and standing in the queues. Online shopping is miles easier and so much more convenient. I love the ease of being able to compare prices at the click of a button, browsing through items without the rude lady next to you that doesn’t know the meaning of “personal bubble” and knowing that my goods will be delivered to my door without me so much as putting on a bra or getting off the couch. Told you – I’m lazy!

There is a huge variety of online stores to chose from when it comes to buying items for your bundle of joy but there seem to be a few that I come back to, time and time again and so I thought that I would share them with you.

Schnooky Pie: Earlier this week I tweeted a picture of the beautiful baby-gro that I was sent, it’s so soft and I can tell that the material is brilliant quality. Schnooky Pie is a proudly South African company and sells the sweetest items including personalised clothing that you may want for a first birthday or similar celebration. A little birdie has told me that there is going to be a winter range coming soon so watch out for that! Shop online here.Schnooky PieSticky Fudge: This site is like kryptonite for my bank account. But just look at these adorable outfits, how can you resist?! I always see such great items on sale (I’m looking at you, leopard print pants!) and the sizing chart is so helpful. There’s also a great wishlist function, so if you can’t afford to buy everything you like at once, simply add it to your wishlist so you don’t have to search the whole site the next time you come back. Shop to your heart’s content over here.Sticky FudgeShooshoos: Another proudly South African company, straight out of Cape Town. The whole idea behind Shooshoos (besides hand crafting gorgeous, soft leather shoes) was disadvantaged community upliftment, which I can totally get behind. The different designs are so fun and creative that you probably won’t leave the site with less than two pairs!ShooshoosBaby Sense: I’m a big Baby Sense fan – I went to all the seminars I could (seriously worth while by the way), I read the books, I downloaded the app and I follow them religiously on social media. Although every baby is different, their approach to sensory stimulation makes complete sense to me. Their online store is simple and easy to navigate which is fantastic, there’s nothing worse than a clogged up, confusing webpage. You can buy everything from the Baby Sense Sling to the books and even book your tickets for their upcoming seminars. Definitely worth a visit, over here.Baby senseFaithful To Nature: I really want to try use natural and organic products on #babybooyens… the operative word here being try as I know it is definitely more expensive and not always possible. As you know, if you read my Baby On A Budget post, Dan and I have been stock piling for the duration of my pregnancy, mostly nappies, but every now and then, some products as well. I have found that Faithful To Nature is basically my one stop shop when it comes to the two products that are top of my list: Oh Lief and Pure Beginnings. There are also a ton of other natural products (and not just for baby, for the whole family as well as food stuffs) plus accessories like Sophia Le Giraffe, amber beads and even natural nursing pads! Go check it out over here.Faithful to NatureI feel like I also need to mention Takealot. They often have incredible specials (especially on nappies) and in terms of certain brands of bottles I have found them to be slightly cheaper than places like Baby City so don’t forget to have a squizz there while you’re online!TakealotI’d love to know what some of your favourite online stores for babies and kiddes are so please let me know in the comments section.

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