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I’m just going to say it: pregnancy, although so exciting, can be insanely overwhelming and you often find yourself with about 200 questions swarming around your brain. Everyone seems to have an opinion on how to do things “the right way” and let me tell you, that gets old, fast. Most of the time I just want to pummel that person until they keep their snooty opinions to themselves but lets not get to into that shall we…

It was pregnancy education week this month (13-21 February) and so a week or so ago, , on my social media channels I asked you what your most pressing pregnancy question were. I received a lot of emails and tweets! I whittled them down a bit (sorry I couldn’t use them all. If I did, we would be here forever) and made sure they covered a wide range of topics.

Liesel Turnbull

Sister Liesel Turnbull

Now don’t worry, I’m not the one that answered these concerns – I am in no way qualified! I turned to Sister Liesel Turnbull – this woman is the best thing since sliced bread! She runs the Bedfordview Mother and Baby Centre where Dan and I have been attending ante natal classes (best money we have ever spent by the way). Liesel is a registered nurse and midwife and also a mom of three (including a set of twins). She has worked in both government and private hospitals and really knows her stuff – from pregnancy, labour and breastfeeding all the way to the terrible twos. I found her to be so incredibly caring and approachable and she really has been such an amazing help when it has come to me feeling confident about having #babybooyens and becoming a mom.

Besides ante natal classes, the Bedfordview Mother and Baby Centre also offers a well baby clinic with services including immunisations (government and private), phototherapy for jaundice and weighing and developmental assessments. There is also incredible post natal support in the form of breastfeeding support and lactation consultants, home visits and psychological support especially for post natal depression. A complete one stop shop!

I think that Liesel answered these questions so well and I really hope that they answer some concerns you have:

When in pregnancy is most important to take omega vitamins?

Omegas are important from day 1. They can cause quite a bit of nausea especially if eaten on an empty tummy. Depending on the severity of your nausea you may choose to take them after your first trimester, or after eating a small meal

Is colour treating your hair while pregnant a no-no?

According to the gynae’s I have discussed this issue with in the past, it is not totally forbidden, although waiting for the first trimester to pass would probably be ideal. One also has to remember that due to all the changes in your body and different hormones, your hair may not turn out the way you would like.

Can I still have laser hair removal while pregnant?

This is not recommended whilst pregnant.

TWINS – what is the best suggested sleeping setup (together or separate)? And if together, until what age?

This is quite a personal decision and would depend on the family’s current living situation as well as personalities of the babies. Some twins love the closeness of sleeping together- while others wake each other up. And in that case you may consider separating them. As a mom of twins myself- together with my husband, we have decided that our twins can sleep together until they ask to be put in separate rooms.

TWINS – any tips for successfully breastfeeding twins?

Try and make life easy for yourself and be as well prepared as you possibly can be. Try stock up on meals so it is one less “chore” you need to do and you can spend the time and focus on feeding your babies. Also take advantage of family and friends that would like to help. An extra set of hands to help with the grocery shopping, cooking, bathing etc. is a huge help. It also makes them feel involved and gives you the chance to once again focus on the feeding. If money allows it- try get a nanny and or night nurse as this would be a huge help. Always remember- when feeding it is a case of supply and demand. So the more you feed, the more you will make- so you can make enough to feed your babies. Try rest as much as you possibly can, eat a healthy balanced diet making sure you are eating enough protein. Taking a good protein shake made for pregnant and breastfeeding women may be beneficial, and then there are also various medications on the market to help increase your supply. Some of which you may purchase over the counter and some you would need a doctors script. If you are worried about your babies and whether they are latching correctly or getting enough, contact your paed, clinic sister or a lactation consultant.

TWINS – is a feeding chair helpful with feeding twins or would it be better to feed on the bed/couch?

Initially you may find that sitting in a feeding chair might make things easier. If you and your babies are comfortable and getting a good latch, then you can pretty much feed wherever you like. A large feeding cushion may also help and support the babies.

TWINS – any tips on setting up a routine with twins, especially so that when dad goes back to work I can manage?

As a mom of twins, I found that having a very strict routine was key. Try and get the babies to do the same thing at the same time, i.e. if one wakes for a feed, and then wake the other for a feed. Also try to be as organised as possible. Where at all possible try and implement a good night time routine as soon as possible. I like the routine of bath, feed, bed. This gives the babies queues to get ready for a good night sleep. If your babies are on bottle, try having them washed and sterilised and ready for use for the day. Once again stock up on frozen meals. Make use of family and friends to help around the house. And have certain chores set out for you and dad so you all know what’s expected of you.

TWINS – any money saving tips?

Being pregnant is such an exciting time and we often fall into the trap of buying all the gimmicks that are around. Think twice before buying something, and ask yourself if it’s a real necessity. Maybe take a friend who already has children shopping with you to advise you what’s essential, and what’s a nice to have. Try and join SAMBA as they often offer discounts on various things. Also try buy good second hand equipment especially for big items like prams or cots (ensure that you have a new mattress for each baby though). The babies outgrow them quickly and you can often find a good bargain on Gumtree or OLX. Try and breastfeed for as long as possible. This will help you save money in terms of all the bottles, the sterilising equipment and the formula.

If I decide on delayed cord clamping when baby is born, will this affect the collection of stem cells?

Yes- if you delay the cord clamping for longer than 2 minutes it can compromise the amount collected for stem cells.

I’ve heard a lot of people suggest that I hold off on baby’s first bath. What are the advantages of this and how long should I wait?

The baby is covered in a white substance called Vernix. This substance has an antibacterial effect where it helps protect the baby against various infections. It has good moisturising properties and keeps the skin well hydrated and moisturised as opposed to some of the products used. It also helps regulate the temperature of the baby. It promotes bonding as the baby can still smell the mom. I personally like the moms to bath their babies while they are still in hospital as they gain confidence and can ask the nursing staff any questions they may have regarding the bath.

If I have natural birth how long can it take to deliver the placenta (stage 3 of labour) and why do gynae’s inject you and midwives don’t?

Gynae’s use Syntocinon to aid in the delivery of the placenta. This is evidence based medicine and how the third stage of labour should be managed. It decreases the risk of post-partum hemorrhaging and can take around 30 minutes once the baby has been delivered.

What foods should be avoided and what foods should be consumed during breastfeeding?

One doesn’t have to necessarily avoid foods whilst breastfeeding. If a mom is allergic to a food product, obviously she would not eat that at all. There is new research stating that eating allergenic foodstuff such as peanuts, eggs etc. won’t cause a baby be allergic to these food groups if the mom eats them and breastfeeds her baby. One needs to be aware that certain foods may cause abdominal discomfort. Things like onion, garlic, curries, green veggies which could cause flatulence in adults can also cause flatulence in babies. Fizzy drinks and caffeine can also be a huge culprit.

If my baby has colic while I am breastfeeding, is there any specific type of food I should avoid?

When a baby feeds- they need to produce lactase to break down the lactose in the moms milk. If a baby does not produce enough lactase enzymes then the baby may start to cramp. Therefore avoid things like glucose, sucrose, fructose and lactose. In laymen’s terms these would be foods like dairy, fruit, fruit juice and refined sugars

If all these answers wern’t enough, things are about to get even more awesome. Bio-Oil very kindly sent me an amazing hamper of goodies and they are giving one away to one of my readers too! Let me tell you, this is one prize you definitely want to win. Here’s what is included…

Two incredibly beautiful blankets – I am completely smitten with the grey 100% cotton cellular blanket from Nocturnal Affair.


A super sweet white and grey heart baby-gro.


The softest bunny rabbit teddy from Lily and Jack. I love the silk ears!

Bunny and onesie

Of course there had to be some Bio-Oil included. There are 3 bottles, one 60ml, one 125ml and one 200ml. Bio-Oil is the bee’s knees when it comes to treating scars and stretch marks (gees, I need all the help I can get in that department!). But did you also know that it works like a bomb on dehydrated skin? I mentioned in my video last week that my skin has become incredibly sensitive during my third trimester and so its become a bit scale-y and dry in some areas. I just pop some bio oil on after my bath or shower and it sorts it out chop chop.

Bio Oil

There are also some great information booklets as well as a baby scan album in this hamper. It all comes in a really handy white storage basket. And lets be honest, we all need a little bit more storage!

I’m sure by now you know how my giveaways work, but in case you don’t, its really simple! You just need to enter using the Rafflecopter widget below. The competition closes on Sunday 28 February and winners will be announced on Monday 29 February on both Facebook and Twitter. Unfortunately this giveaway is only open to South African residents.

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You can like the Bedfordview Mother and Baby Centre on Facebook here and visit their website here.


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    I’m not even pregnant yet and I loooooooooved this post 😀 😀
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    Do you perhaps have advice on such a decision, except for “it’s a personal choice”, lol. Maybe do a post on it if you want to, I’m sure the question gets asked a lot 🙂

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