The importance of outdoor play ft. Schnooky Pie

I have never ever been a fan of the warmer months. I much prefer being cuddled up in bed with a cup of coffee and my favourite series. But since having Aria, I’ve realised that the warmer weather makes parenting so much easier, you can literally let your kid run riot in the garden or your nearest park and they generally fall dead asleep afterwards. I’ve been meaning to take Aria to our local park for a while now, and so last weekend I finally piled her into the car and off we went. It was so incredibly worth it and she look ridiculously cute in her new Schnooky Pie Coral Goddess dress from the new summer collection.

Spending time outdoors with Aria is something that I plan on doing every single day now that the weather is warming up. Last summer she wasn’t really moving around that much, but now that she is a crazy toddler, I know that it is so incredibly important for her to be outside as much as possible.

The physical advantages of outdoor play are extensive and range from instilling a love of exercise to helping with muscular development and cardiovascular endurance. Fine and gross motor skills are also learnt when they climb the jungle gyms or pick up flowers and feathers, it all helps in their development.

I love that whenever we are outside, it becomes a teaching moment for Aria. Some days I tell her about the birds in the trees which she loves to point to and say “birrrrr, tweeeee!” and other days we will walk around the large pond and I will point out different things we see. Aria loves it when we explore the different textures that nature offers; the crunchy post-winter leaves, the spikey grass or the crumbly sand, this is excellent for her sensory skills.

Outdoor play really is an incredible teacher and it’s become one of our family’s favourite activities now that we don’t have to get bundled up in a thousand layers of clothing.

Aria loves to play outside, like I mentioned before but so often gets frustrated if she is wearing a dress, they really get in her way either making her trip because they are so long or the tend to “ride up” because they are too short and so I have resorted to popping her in shorts and a t-shirt most days. Now don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, in fact I choose to dress Aria in shorts most days, especially for school but sometimes you just want them to wear a pretty little dress and look like a princess while they zoom around the park.

I was really intrigued when Jaclyn from Schnooky Pie (here is a post I featured them in a few months ago) sent me the details of her new summer collection for girls, as well as the gorgeous Coral Goddess dress. Her whole concept was that her garments should be beautiful to look at, but should not be limiting in any way when it comes to play. Now that is something I can get behind!

The Coral Goddess dress is the same design as one of the best selling dresses from last summer but with a few new additions. Jaclyn decided to make the dress more whimsical by adding a layer of gorgeous lace over the dress and add a pop of fun with the pom pom style lace on the hem of the dress which is my favourite addition. I also really love the sleeves, they have very slight gathering at the top, which I really think changes the whole look of the dress compared to if it had plain sleeves.

Aria really put her new dress to the test at our local park, she went absolutely nuts running around, climbing the jungle gym and following the ducks. Of course she found the slide (you know how obsessed my child is with slides) and had a good few go’s. I’m happy to report that the Coral Goddess dress passed with flying colours! Aria was able to play without anything hindering her and the dress came back home in one piece, much to my relief.

The full girls summer collection has already launched online, with the promise of more to come in the next few months! There are also some gorgeous new garments for little boys, some of which I actually have my eye on for Aria!

Now for some good news, I have a discount code for you! At checkout, simply enter the code SUMMER WITH SARAH and you will receive 10% off your purchase (excluding delivery). So, what’s on your shopping list?

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