our favourite haircare products at the moment

It feels a bit odd to be writing about Aria’s favourite haircare products. I mean, I suppose they are actually my favourite products for her, but she is my child so I’m sure she appreciates a good beauty product!

I’ll start off with the haircare products that I have been using on my own mop of curls. I have fine hair, but a lot of it. As in, a lot a lot. Once I got charged double the price for highlights because I have that much hair. It’s also very dry and very knotty.

Recently I cut it quite a lot shorter and I am really enjoying this new length; it’s much easier to style (my go to is loose waves) and it feels so much healthier. There have been four products that I have been reaching for consistently that I really think have made my hair look and feel so much better.

The Garnier Ultimate Blends Delicate Oat Shampoo and Conditioner are nothing short of amazing. Formulated with rice cream and oat milk to assist a sensitive scalp and fragile hair, they leave my hair looking shiny and nourished. Although I don’t have an overly sensitive scalp, it is quite dry and certain shampoos do make it feel a bit itchy. This was not the case with the Delicate Oat shampoo. The conditioner is also such a winner, most times I use a hair mask as well but the odd occasion when I haven’t, my hair feels soft and silky after it has dried. Oh, more great news about this duo is that they are paraben free!

*Update: the launch of these products have been postponed, but I’ll definitely let you know when they are in store!

When I received the L’Oreal EverStrong Strengthening Mask I didn’t give it two thoughts to be honest, I’m a die hard fan of the Davines Vegeterian Miracle Conditioner. But when I couldn’t find my good ol’ faithful in a hurry, I picked up the EverStrong mask and decided to give it a bash. Oh man, this is such a great hair mask, and affordable to boot! Again, this is for dry, damaged, brittle and fragile hair. It really amps up the nourishment factor and I have definitely noticed less breakage. It works to strengthen each individual hair fiber from the root to create healthy, soft, gorgeous hair. I am so impressed with this mask, in fact I’ll go so far as to say it’s on par with my Davines baby.

Available from Clicks for R179,95

When I think about hairspray, I think about ballet days and crunchy, sticky hair. Recently my hair hasn’t been holding a curl for as long as I would like it to and so I asked on Twitter what the hair gurus would suggest. One of the suggestions was TRESemm√© and so when I was cruising the Dischem aisles the next day, I picked up a can of the TRESemm√© Salon Finish Hairspray. That afternoon I styled my hair and I was overjoyed to find that this firm hold hairspray didn’t leave my hair sticky or crunchy. In fact, it didn’t even feel like I had product in my hair at all! My hair held the waves for a good three days which really impressed me as they were created on freshly washed hair. Usually this means that they fall flat within half an hour, but not this time!

Available from most leading retailers from R79,95

Now for some products that have been the bomb.com for Arias hair. Like me, she has really knotty hair, even though its so super fine and soft. There is however a patch at the back of her head that has extremely course, frizzy hair. I suspect that it’s the area that rests on her matress at night and from all her thrashing around (she’s quite the violent sleeper), her hair gets damaged. But that’s just a theory.

We received two Shampooheads products about ten days ago and I was so keen to give them a whirl. The Shampooheads Busy Bob Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash is made for all hair types and promises no tears. In fact, all Shampooheads products are dermatologically and tested, hypoallergenic, pH balanced, not tested on animals and paraben free. Pretty impressive right? Although the Busy Bob range is made more with boys in mind, I really love the fragrance (which doesn’t irritate Aria’s skin at all) and after washing her hair, the next day it is so soft and clean…until she puts food in it again. What I am most impressed by though, is how nourishing this product is – that crazy patch on the back of her head is gone and has been since the first wash! It’s still slightly more dry than the other hair on her pip but it’s definitely getting better and better with each wash.

Available from Clicks for R47,95

The Awesome Annie Fuzz Free Detangler has also been a lifesaver! After her bath, Dan gives her hair a spritz of this and then gives it a brush through, with zero knots. I do the same in the morning, and it’s a much more pleasant experience for both parties. I know when I was little, I used to hate brushing my hair because it was so sore. If your kiddies are the same, this is definitely a good option to try, especially because of it’s great price point. This detangler also has a built in heat protection (snazzy right?) so that your little ones locks won’t get damaged when you blow dry their hair – especially useful now that it’s winter.

Available from Clicks for R59,95

I’ve been so impressed with these products, and the fact that they are all so affordable. I’ll definitely be repurchasing all of them when they run dry.

Are you using any hair products at the moment that you swear by?





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    Tian Lustiana
    May 31, 2017 at 6:31 am

    same with me, i hate to using brushing when i was a little, haha. its hurt me.

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