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Olly Polly Read

I’ll admit it, I’m not a big reader, to be honest I can’t remember the last time I read a book cover to cover. Dan on the other hand is a total bookworm, and it looks like Aria is headed the same way which I am so happy about. When Gen from Olly Polly asked if we wanted to be one of the first to see her new collection, Olly Polly Read, I was beside myself with excitement!

Olly Polly Read

Even though reading is not something that I enjoy doing for myself, it is something that both Dan and I do religiously with Aria every single day, as I know that is incredibly beneficial to her development both emotionally and mentally. We don’t have a specific time that we read to Aria, more often than not she will walk over to her bookshelf, choose a book, bring it to one of us and then get comfortable. That time that we spend snuggled up on the couch, our bed, the floor, her tent, wherever really is so special and I just know that it makes Aria feel so so loved and secure.

Olly Polly Read

Olly Polly Read is the latest offering from the gorgeous online store, Olly Polly. Gen combined her love for reading with her passion for supporting local and the result is a gorgeous curated collection of South African written and illustrated books. There are 15 books in total and are all really well priced compared to other big stores that one would normally frequent.

Olly Polly Read

We received A Frog and a Whale in a Princess Tale written by Tina Scotford. As soon as I saw Table Mountain on the cover of this book, I knew that we were going to love it, being from Cape Town and all. This book tells the delightful tale of a frog who searches far and wide for a princess whose magical kiss will transform him into a man. During his quest, he meets a host of sea creatures that he manages to outsmart and escape. Aria loved pointing to the “froggie” and learning the names of the new animals and both Dan and I loved the incredible illustrations by Olivia Villet. The story itself is all written in a fun rhyme that children of all ages will enjoy. Another absolute bonus about this book is that right at the back, there is a page of the characters that can be cut out. This is such a fab idea for kiddies that are a bit older than Aria as they can use them to act out different scenes or just let their imaginations run wild.

Olly Polly Read

Olly Polly Read really is such a great concept that not only stimulates our children’s development and imagination, but also supports local while still being affordable. It would make an amazing Christmas or birthday gift so make sure to hop over and browse the books, you won’t be disappointed!

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    November 10, 2017 at 3:50 pm

    The BEST!!! I LOVE reading and only hope my girls do too – we love our Olly Polly books x

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