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I’m sure this post caught your attention as soon as you saw the word LUSH… I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t love this indulgent, vegan brand. The product variety is vast and there are always new goodies making an appearance, like these ones I’m going to chat about today.

Bath Melts (R39.50/20g): Natural butters plus luxurious essential oils can only make for the most wonderful bath. Ready for two new flavours?

Floating Island: This one is for all of you that looooove vanilla. Not only is this bath melt infused with Fair Trade vanilla from the Rwenzori mountains in Uganda, it also has a vanilla pod sunken into the top of it.

Razzle Dazzle: Feeling a bit worse for wear? Pop one of these raspberry, bergamot and Persian lime infused babies into the bath and you’ll feel right as rain in no time! Also, is it just me or does this Bath Melt remind anyone else of a dinosaur egg?

bath melts

Toothy Tabs (R105/50g): Toothy Tabs themselves aren’t new to LUSH, but they are new to me and there are new flavours that have been launched. If, like me, you have been living under a rock, Toothy Tabs are literally toothpaste in a tablet form. They have no synthetic preservatives and are made from baking soda, kaolin and essential oils. Definitley different but pretty cool don’t you think? The new flavours are:

Bling: Shine bright like a diamond! Besides the edible golden sparkle that make these tabs look very bling bling, they also contain Brazilian orange seed oil for zing as well as guarana seed powder for energy.

Boom!: Black sea salt, aniseed and black pepper give these Toothy Tabs the taste of spicy cola – yummy! There’s also some gunpowder tea and charcoal thrown in for good measure.

Oral Pleasure: Trust LUSH to come up with naughty names like this, but isn’t that one of the reasons that we love the brand so much? The flavours in these Toothy Tabs sound like a massive bouquet of beautiful flowers: rose oil, vanilla absolute, daisies and passion fruit.

Miles of Smiles: Get fresh breath quick! An extra dose of mint has been added to this flavour of Toothy Tabs to ensure sparkly teeth and a fresh smelling breath.

Limelight: Pop one of these Toothy Tabs into your mouth and you’ll experience the fresh flavours of zesty lime, lemon and baobab fruit powder.

toothy tabs

Lip Balms (R95/12g): Perfect to pop in your handbag or keep in your car to keep your pout selfie worthy. These are the new flavours that LUSH have just brought in store:

Buttered Brazils: I’m a huge fan of nutty flavoured lip balms, there is just something so comforting about them. This specific one has organic Brazil nut oil, Fair Trade shea butter, coconut wax, dark chocolate and vanilla absolute…deeelish!

Key Lime Pie: LUSH describes this lip balm as “a zesty treat for lips as scrumptious as pie, oh my” and with all the citrus smelling essential oils, I don’t doubt them for a second.

Passion Fruit:  Extra virgin coconut, jojoba and passionflower extract is what this lip balm is packed full of. Sounds like something you won’t be able to resist slathering onto your lips. (Sorry, I couldn’t find a great picture of this one).

Rose Lollipop: Rose is another one of my favourite scents when it comes to products so I’m pretty excited about this variant of the lip balms. Soothing Turkish rose is great for treating sensitivity while candelilla will soften dry lips.

lip balms

Lip Tints (R95/4g): Another treat for your lips but this time they add a pop of colour.

Sunkissed: a shimmery petal pink perfect for those “no make-up make up” days.

Strawberry Bombshell: A bright pink with a hit of strawberry – need I say more?

lip tints

Big Bang Bubble Bar (R64.50/100g): The first thing I thought of when I saw this was *knock, knock, knock* “Penny” *knock, knock, knock* “Penny” *knock, knock, knock* “Penny”. Clearly I’m a fan, but no, this new Bubble Bar has nothing to do with The Big Bang Theory. With the blue, pink and yellow I’m of the opinion that this will make for a beautiful bath time. The zesty grapefruit oil and refreshing lemon myrtle oil don’t hurt either.Big_Bang

Cup O’ Coffee Face Mask (R160/150g, R245/325g): Out of all of the new products, this is the one my greedy little hands are the most excited to pick up. This is a stimulating face mask – a wake up call for your skin and has ingredients like  fresh ground coffee, absorbent kaolin and carob syrup to do the job.

Five O’ Clock Whistle Shaving Smoothie (R145/100g): This one’s for the men in our lives. It’s got some lavender essential oil in there (don’t worry, not enough for it to smell girly) which is great for a skin that gets sensitised by shaving. There’s also some jojoba oil added to the mix to help soften the skin.

cup o coffee five o clock whistle


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    Irina Doman
    January 11, 2016 at 8:54 am

    Those lip tints look amazing! Great post friend xxx

  • Reply
    Cassidy Taylor-Memmory
    January 18, 2016 at 1:30 pm

    Ooooh my goodness, I need it ALL!

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