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A little while ago I received a box of new products from Maybelline. My parents were in the country last week and so it was  pretty busy filled with lots of long days and going out – the ideal time to test out new make up. So without further ado, here’s what’s new from Maybelline (well, some of the new products) and how they performed for me…

Brow Precise® Fiber Volumizer: my first reaction when I opened this tube was, “Woah, that’s a really weird applicator, I doubt it’s going to work”. It took a few go’s, but now that I have mastered the technique, the Fiber Volumizer has become my go-to for when I want dark, bold brows. It is definitely a thicker and almost stickier formula and makes my brows feel heavier, but not uncomfortable. You do have to be quite precise when using this brow mascara though as it is quite tricky to fix mistakes. It does a fantastic job at setting and holding your brows in place without making them feel and look crunchy. It also creates realistic fibers on the more bald patches of my brows. Definitely a product I have been reaching for a lot.

The Falsies Push Up Angel™ Mascara: this was another odd looking brush that I didn’t have much hope for. Now, I am much more of a dramatic lashes type of gal, but every now and then, it’s nice to change things up and go for a more wispy look and this mascara is perfect for that. I’m not too sure about it’s claims to create a “lifted wing” look but what I can say is that it definitely lengthened and separated my lashes. The pigmentation is excellent and I didn’t experience any crumbling or transfer throughout the day. On the days that I have gone for a more intense lash look, the Falsies Push Up mascara has been perfect for my bottom lashes.

The Blushed Nudes® Eye Shadow Palette: oh man, I’ve had my eye on this pretty palette for a while now and so my heart leapt with joy when I saw that it formed part of the press drop that I received from Maybelline. There are 12 shades in the palette each with a hint of rose gold pigments. 11 of the shades are shimmery and range from gorgeous bronze to toned down taupes. The matte shade is a really versatile sand colour that I have been using as a transition shade quite a bit. I haven’t experienced any kick back or fall out when using these shadows but I have found that you do need to blend very well when using the darker colours, otherwise they tend to look slightly patchy. As you can see from the pictures, there is quite a bit of a shimmery spray over on most of the shades and so I did find that the second time that I used them, they weren’t as shimmery as the first time. This didn’t bother me that much as I do prefer a more matte look most of the time. However if you are looking for full on shimmer and shine, you will be disappointed. I do wish there was perhaps one or two more matte shades in the palette but other than that I have no complaints. It’s definitely been a top shelf product for me recently and I have been able to create quite a few different looks using it.

Facestudio® Master Strobing Stick™ Illuminating Highlighter: I’m not going to beat around the bush here, I love these strobing sticks! The pearlecent colours range from pink to gold and so there really is a colour for most skin tones and make up looks. I like to use 300 Dark-Gold on my collar bones when I have a bit of a tan going on, it really adds that extra something. These strobing sticks are super creamy, blend like a dream (I just use my fingers) and stay put throughout the day (even without setting spray). If you are looking for a blinding highlight I think that these will be too subtle for you as I wasn’t able to build them up that much, but if you are looking for anything other than that, this is an amazing product and really great quality. Another top shelf product for sure!

Color Sensational® The Loaded Bolds and Matte Lipsticks: I love a good lippie and so I couldn’t wait to put these to the test. They have the most lovely creamy formula and deliver a good dose of pigmentation with just one application. After about 5 minutes they dry down slightly but they still sit very comfortably on the lips and are not at all heavy or drying. From the Bolds collection; 883 Orange Danger is a gorgeous orange coral that is so much fun to wear while 885 Midnight Merlot is super sultry and I can tell is going to be a winter staple of mine. I got about 4 hours of wear from these lipsticks which included a lot of eating, drinking and talking. Even then, there was still a decent amount of pigment left on my lips and I definitely didn’t have to touch up. From the Matte collection I received 882 Fiery Fuschia which is absolutely gorgeous as well as 886 Berry Bossy which is slightly more toned down than Midnight Merlot and would be perfect for the daytime during the chilly months. I found that the wear time was slightly longer with the matte shades, up to 6 hours (again, while eating, drinking and being merry). There are 20 different shades in both the Bolds and Matte ranges that vary from beautiful neautral mauves to attention grabbing berry tones, something for everyone. I have been reaching for these over and over again since receiving them, often choosing them over my high end lipsticks.

SuperStay 24hr Primer: I have a special place in my heart for primers, especially ones that make my skins texture look more refined and deliver that lusted after photoshopped effect. The SuperStay primer has a very slight tint to it that when applied, making the skin look much more healthy without appearing super dewy which I think those with oily skins will appreciate. It has quite a runny consistency and I found that I did need more than one pump to cover my entire face. In saying that though it definitely makes my make up look more flawless and extends it’s wear time (I tested this primer without a setting spray). It may not be my favourite primer of all time but I still really enjoyed it and will most certainly continue to use it.

SuperStay 24H Setting Spray: I don’t use a setting spray every single time that I wear make up, but I always use them when I go out at night or if it’s a particularly hot day (and we have been having a few of those here in Jozi). I was excited to see if this budget setting spray lived up to its claims: a super fine mint that prolonged the wear time of your make up keeping it looking fresh. As much as I wanted to love this product, it just did not work for me at all. I found the mist to be quite heavy and that the spritzer dispensed the product in quick short burst, which I feel doesn’t let the product apply evenly. Once the mist settled on my face it felt very tacky, almost like I had sprayed hairspray on my face. Now, I do have quite a dehydrated skin and so I would be interested to see how this product fairs on an oily skin. I also found that it settled in my brows, making them look a bit powdery and feel crunchy. Definitely a miss for me. Have you used this product before? What did you think of it?

As a whole, I’m pretty impressed with the products that I tried out, I think they are really good value for money, especially the lipsticks. If you try out any of the new launches from Maybelline, definitely let me know what you think.

And that’s a wrap on this blog post, well done for sticking through to the end!






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  1. I don’t understand how the Brow Precise® Fiber Volumizer works… Do you just just ‘paint’ your brows? Could you perhaps show a pic of one brow with and one brow without it applied?

    • Jane Wonder •

    • You apply it like you would most brow gels/mascaras. The applicator takes a while to get used to but now that I have the knack, I really enjoy it. I have just added photos to the blog post. The difference in my brows is quite dramatic, but only because I am so incredibly blonde naturally 🙂



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