New from LUSH

New from LUSH

The first time I start to feel festive at the end of the year, is when LUSH brings out their Christmas products. Snow Fairy and Rose Jam shower gels are long time favourites but I wanted to show you what else is new from LUSH plus give you my thoughts on three products that I received from them as well.

In case you’ve forgotten or didn’t know, LUSH products are all cruelty free, vegetarian and are handmade from fresh ingredients. They make for wonderful secret Santa gifts as well as stocking fillers, I have yet to see someone disappointed when they open up their gift to see a LUSH product. Their products range from bath and shower goodies to skincare and even make-up!

Let’s chat about the three LUSH products that I have tried out over the past week or so. The first one is the 1000 Millihelens Jelly Face Mask. This new way of masking is quite fun, you break off a piece of the jelly, rub it between your hands until it makes a paste, and then slather it on. I’ve used it once and have quite enjoyed it. The scent is very earthy but enjoyable and I like the fact that you only really need a thin layer. It does dry down quite fast and you only need to leave it on for between 5 and 10 minutes. 1000 Millihelens has fresh apple juice to brighten and witch hazel to tone. I used the mask on my T-zone as this is where I have been getting a little bit shiny recently and I must say, that area stayed pretty matte for the rest of the day, while my skin felt smooth and soft.

LUSH 1000 millihelens jelly face mask

There are a few other Jelly Face Masks out:

The Birth of Venus with lavender to balance and soothe

Just to Clarify with Sicilian lemon oil to brighten and exfoliate

Bunny Moon with honey to moisturise and comfort

FOMO with calamine powder to even the skin tone and calm

Next up is a new Jelly Bath Bomb, another new product offering from LUSH. When you pop a Jelly Bath Bomb into the water, as it dissolves and liquifies, it turns your bath into a nourishing jelly that is incredibly moisuturising. I tried out the Green Coconut Jelly Bath Bomb which has the most wonderful scent; tropical fruit, coconut milk and an undercurrent of cinnamon leaf. For me personally, this Jelly Bath Bomb is very similar to the normal bath bombs from LUSH. The only difference that I could tell was that it left my skin feeling a lot more moisturised, and for that reason, I would use this over a bath bomb.

LUSH green coconut jelly bomb

The other Jelly Bath Bombs available are:

Marmalade with orange slice to uplift your mood and soften your skin

Snow Fairy with candyfloss and relaxing properties

The Big Sleep with lavender oil to help you relax and promote sleep

Secret Arts with almond essential oil is mood boosting and restorative

The last new product that I tried out was the Hair Doctor Hot Oil Treatment. I’ve tried one of the LUSH Hot Oil Treatments before and quite enjoyed it, and my hair definitely felt a lot healthier as well. In all honesty, they are a lot more work than slapping on a hair mask, but I do think that they are quite a lot more nourishing than your average run of the mill mask, well worth using every month or so. Hair Doctor doesn’t only treat the hair, it treats the scalp as well; Chamomile Blue Oil soothes an irritated scalp while red henna and lanolin strengthens the hair and gives it shine. My scalp does get a little bit sensitive every now and again and it is quite naturally dry, I found that this hair product from LUSH definitely left my scalp feeling a lot happier than it was before the application, and like with the other Hot Oil Treatment, my hair felt incredibly healthy afterwards.

LUSH hot oil treatment

The other new Hot Oil Treatments are

Yuge with spearmint oil for extra volume and shine

Marilyn with extra virgin olive oil is especially for blondes to keep the brassiness at bay

New with cinnamon powder stimulates the scalp to increase blood flow and improve hair growth

There are a bunch of other new products just in time for Christmas so let’s take a quick look at those.

Cheer Up Buttercup bath bomb with lime oil is uplifting and reviving

Think Pink bath bomb with tonka absolute is sensual and softening

Thundersnow bath bomb with peppermint oil is cooling and invigorating

Shoot For the Stars bath bomb with coconut cream is softening and conditioning

Sherbet Dip bath bomb with grapefruit oil is cleaning and uplifting

Rocket Science bath bomb with bergamot oil is relaxing

Christmas Sweater bath bomb with ginger powder stimulates the circulation

Star Light Star Bright bath melt with lime oil is antibacterial and refreshing

Snow Angel bath melt with rose absolute is balancing and restorative

The Snowman bubbleroon with soya milk powder is creamy and softening

Berry Berry Christmas shower gel with blueberry is refreshing

Santa’s Christmas shower cream with black pepper oil is warming and stimulating

Twilight shower gel with lavender is balancing and calming

Buck’s Fizz body conditioner with fresh orange juice is refreshing and rejuvenating

Once Upon A Time body lotion with grapefruit oil is uplifting

Christmas Citrus soap with lemon juice is uplifting and enzymatically cleansing

Baked Alaska soap is sweet and floral

Shooting Stars soap with star fruit puree gives you a wake up call

Golden Pear soap with organic argave syrup is anti-microbial and relaxing

Hidden Mountain soap has a mystical, mossy fragrance

Man in the Moon bubble bar with lime oil is toning and relaxing

Christmas Cracker bubble bar with shea butter is conditioning

Plum Snow bubble bar with petigrain oil is refreshing and sweet

Christmas Eve bubble bar with ylang ylang is floral and seductive

Just a reminder that some of these new products are only available online, but I have linked all of the products to make your life a lot easier.

So, what’s on your shopping list?
































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