My top brow products for fair brows

As you can see below, I have very blonde brows, and all I want is a set of beautifully thick, bold brows. Unfortunately, those are not the cards that I was dealt and so I have to fill in my brows on a daily basis. I’ve tried out a good deal of products and have noticed that great brow products for fair brows are few and far between. Often the colour just looks “off” and sometimes can even have a purple tinge, not ideal. Lately there are two brow products that I have been turning to, one for when I want more bushy brows, and one for when I want more sleek, defined brows.

Lets talk about getting those full, bushy brows first. For that I use the Maybelline Brow Precise Fiber Volumizer in deep brown. I wrote about a bunch of new releases from Maybelline a while ago, and this product was one of them. I was already pretty impressed, but as I have perfected my technique, I’ve only enjoyed the Brow Precise Fiber Volumizer more and more. It does take a little bit of time to get it right, because of the different shape of the wand, but once you do, it works like a bomb. Not only does it create very natural looking fibres where your brows need it, but it also holds them in place for the whole day. The shade I have is quite dark, but if you prefer a lighter shade, there are 3 available: Blonde, Soft Brown and Medium Brown.

Available from Clicks and Dischem for around R100

For those days where I want to be a little more glam than usual, I have been obsessed with the Mii Beautifying Brow Wand. I’ve only had it for about a week but I am SO impressed with it. I love that it is a 3-in-1; a brow pencil, a highlighter and a spooly – literally everything you need to create amazing brows! The pencil itself is triangle shaped, which even though initially I was worried would make things a bit more difficult, worked really well. It has quite a waxy consistancy, and isn’t that soft, but it works so well, giving just the right amount of pigmentation and definition. I have the shade Truly Medium 02 but there is also a shade lighter (Truly Fair 01) and one darker (Truly Darker 03).

Available from Poise Brands for R375

I’m definitely no brow expert, and to be honest, they don’t match most days but filling them changes my whole face and just makes my eyes stand out a whole lot more. What are your favourite brow products?

*The images of my brows have not been edited so that you can see the true shade of the products.



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