LUSH Ambrosia Shaving Cream

A happy hello to all of you, people of the internet.  So my wife has asked me to review a product that she recently purchased for me called Ambrosia, a shaving cream from LUSH.  I am not entirely certain whether she bought this for me out of care, love and concern or out of an oestrogen fueled need to buy new products, but either way, I was pleased to use it!

Now you might be wondering “Dan, we remember reading about the manly beard oil you were using on this very blog, so why the need for shaving cream?  Surely you haven’t gotten rid of your luscious facial hair?”  No, of course not.  I do however like to keep a tidy face-mane, and to that end, I shave my cheeks and neck.

A neck is a particularly sensitive area to shave and this can often result in razor burn, both uncomfortable and unsightly.  I am happy to report that using Ambrosia resulted in absolutely no razor burn, even while using a razor that was slightly blunt.  All LUSH products are made out of natural ingredients, and Ambrosia specifically contains oat milk which helps to cool the skin and reduce inflammation.  Another bonus is that due to Ambrosia’s consistency, it can be used for a dry shave when water is unavailable – perhaps while performing manly activities such as camping or saving kittens from burning buildings.

The final and not insignificant perk for me is that Ambrosia has no strong scent.  This is great because like many members of the male species, strong perfumed/artificial smells can be really overpowering for me.

All in all, a great product that I will certainly use again, and a very pleasant surprise to find something male oriented in the LUSH store my wife loves so much.

You can purchase this product for R155 (250g) from one of the LUSH stores, or from their online store.



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