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Look, I’m a mom, not dead. I still want to wear gorgeous knickers and fabulous bras. Sure, it’s a little bit more tricky while I’m breastfeeding and I don’t die for the way my poochy tum hangs over my panties, but I’ve spotted some real winners in the lingerie section on Superbalist that I think you’ll love as well.

Gowns and sleepwear:

I love pajamas and gowns so much, I would literally spend my entire day in my pj’s… okay I actually do from time to time. I spotted some amazing pieces on Superbalist and couldn’t not share them. This leopard print kimono gown for example is just so gorgeous, you know how I feel about animal print; all the heart eyes! I love the look of these supersoft drop crotch pants, they’re as comfy as pajamas, but aren’t quite pajamas, perfect for when you’re just having a home day but still want to look presentable in case someone pops around unexpectedly. Another piece that will keep people guessing, while keeping you comfy are these flannel floral paperbag pants. I love the bright pink, which is not usually something that I would go for. Last but not least is this floral sleep shirt that I am obsessed with, everything about it is perfect and on trend; the colour, the pattern, the length. Just perfection. Plus it’s totally breastfeeding friendly!


As much as I love a fab underwire, padded bra; they just aren’t practical when it comes to breastfeeding. If I’m not wearing a nursing bra, I find that a bralette works the best and so I found 3 on Superbalist that are just gorgeous:

The leopard cotton bralette

The love story bralette

The body supersoft bralette


I’m just going to be honest here, I’m very much into high waisted panties. Before you throw your hands into the air in disbelief, hear me out. Regular bikini style panties just aren’t comfortable anymore; my poochy tum hangs over them and if I’m wearing a more fitted dress, it just looks strange. Also, high waisted panties just feel like they hold my tummy in a bit more and so I feel a lot more comfortable. Best of all, you get some really pretty options these days, have a look at these ones that I found:

Jojo all over lace high waisted panties

Cotton flat elastic high waisted panties

Stephanie mesh high waisted panties

Sophia lace boy-leg brief

Sophia high wasited lace boy-leg brief

And there you have it, a whole lot of Sarah approved undies, all yours at the click of a button on Superbalist! If you’re into late night scrolling (who isn’t), why not download the Superbalist app? Click here for Android and here for iOS. Also, if you’re a first time buyer, you’ll get R250 off your order when you spend R600 or more. So go on girl, treat yourself!

*This post has been sponsored by Superbalist

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