Lelive All The Shade Moisturiser

All this hot weather that Jozi is experiencing means that make up has been kept to a absolute minimum, just two or three lightweight products and that’s it! One of those products that I’ve been reaching for every day for almost a month now is the Lelive All The Shade Moisturiser.

About Lelive

We love a proudly South African brand and Lelive is just that. Created in 2020 by Amanda Du-Pont, Lelive is a vegan, cruelty free and reef safe range of products that are produced in South Africa using ingredients that are native to our beautiful country such as Rooibos and marula. Plant -identical actives (think along the lines of hyaluronic acid and vitamin C) have also been added to the powerful formulations, which can only mean that Lelive products pack a punch.

In line with their stance to be an ethical and environmentally friendly brand, Lelive sources all of their ingredients responsibly and avoids plastic packaging where ever possible.

Lelive All The Shade Moisturiser

Lelive All The Shade

I first tried the Lelive All The Shade Moisturiser when I was in Cape Town visiting Jen a little over a month ago. She mentioned that she had purchased All The Shade and was really enjoying it, of course I had to try it, so I slapped some one and I’ve been hooked ever since. In fact I went to Wellness Warehouse the day after I landed back in JHB to buy some for myself!

I have been loving using this tinted moisturiser, I think I can count on my one hand the number of times that I’ve worn foundation over the last month. While it’s a very light coverage, it’s enough to give you that gorgeous every day glow. Basically, Lelive All The Shade makes you look like you’re having a good skin day, every day.

Here are a few things that I adore about the Lelive All The Shade:

  • It gives my skin a wonderful healthy glow
  • As advertised, the tint seems to match a wide variety of skin tones; my fair skin, Jen’s slightly more olive toned skin and according to the reviews, darker skin tones as well (with very few complaints of it leaving a white cast)
  • Here’s a biggie; the Lelive All The Shade Moisturiser has a broad spectrum SPF 30 (made from zinc oxide) built in which is amazing!
  • Added vitamin E for free radical protection
  • The product has a gorgeous mousse-y texture that is incredibly easy to blend into my skin using either my fingers or a buffing make up brush and once on, feels super lightweight.
  • I love that the product comes in a tube, it means that I can get every last bit out, as opposed to products that come in pump bottles.
  • A little goes long way

The only issue I had with the product was that there seemed to be a bit of a pressure build up in the tube and so when you squeezed a bit out, the product kept oozing out which made it a bit messy. But to be honest this really wasn’t the end of the world, I just put the excess product into a little container to use the next day. A little bit annoying? Yes. Annoying enough to make me stop using the product? Absolute not.

Lelive All The Shade has become an integral part of my summer skincare and make up routine, the glow, tint and sun protection it delivers is incredible and I love knowing that I’m supporting a South African business.

You can shop the full Lelive range on their online store or head to one of these stockists to get your fix!

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