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You know what little bookworms my girls are – they basically devour books! While I literally haven’t read a novel in the last 5 odd years (terrible, I know), I am more than happy to read book after book to the girls and it’s definitely one of their favorite things to do. I’ve also found that if they’re a bit hyper, sitting down and reading definitely calms them down, which is especially helpful at night before bed. Here are some of the books that we’ve been enjoying over the last few weeks, as always, I’ve linked them where I can:

Yuck! That’s not a Monster! By Angela McAllister: Mother and father monster are thrilled when their three eggs start to hatch; first up is Frightful, then Horrid but the last egg is a big surprise; a cute, fluffy, cuddle monster who they call Little Shock. The story follows the three siblings and how different Frightful and Horrid are from Little Shock as they stroll through the forest, until they wake up a big monster! A really sweet and fun story about siblings and the adventures they go on.

Detective Ted and the Case of the Missing Cookies by Melanie Joyce: Cookies are going missing at Edwards house but no need to worry, Detective Ted is on the case! Join in on the fun as he follows the clues to catch the culprits with the help of an unlikely assistant.

The Ugly Five by Julia Donaldson: We’ve only had this book for a few days but it is by far one of our new favourites. The story follows the Ugly Five in the African savannah who each tell the tale of how everyone thinks they are the “ugliest animal underneath the sun” with all of their weird lumps and bumps. This story has such a heartwarming ending that your children will beg you to read it over and over again.


We are One by Refiloe Moahloli: If you enjoyed Refiloe’s first book, How Many Ways Can You Say Hello then you should definitely put We are One on your list of books to buy. The story is a beautiful one about Ubuntu, celebrating our differences and how we all have similarities that bind our rainbow nation together. Beautifully written to explain inclusivity to little ones with incredible illustrations by Zinelda McDonald, this book will be an asset to your collection.

Claris the Chicest Mouse in Paris – Fashion Show Fiasco by Megan Hess: I’m not sure who enjoyed this book more, myself or the girls. Fashion Show Fiasco is part of the Claris collection which is developing a cult following of mini fashionistas… and their parents! Claris has always dreamt of attending a fashion show and in this book she finally gets to go to one following a series of serendipitous events including a guest appearance by the one and only Anna Wintour! Megan Hess has outdone herself with the illustrations; you’ll spot designer dresses and accessories as well as famous Paris landmarks. We loved this book so much that I have Holiday Heist on my wishlist for the festive season.

The Snail and the Whale by Julia Donaldson: Ah an oldie but a goodie… in fact I may have already written about this favourite of Maia’s. A sea snail is feeling adventurous and hitches a ride around the world on the tail of a humpback whale. They explore coral reefs and caves, ice bergs and far off lands until tragedy strikes and the whale is beached. Find out how the tiny sea snail rallies and saves the life of his friend in this beautiful story about an unlikely friendship and the adventures that they have.

I want to start reading more novel-style books to Aria but am at a complete loss when it comes to what to look for. I think I might borrow some Enid Blyton Secret Seven books from my mom to start out with but if you have any suggestions please do leave them in the comments.

A reminder that you can use my code mascara10 to get a discount when ordering from Book Bugs. If you don’t find what you’re looking for on their website, pop them a mail and they can more than likely source what you’re looking for.

You can read about more of our favourite books over here and over here.

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