How Johnson’s Baby and Unjani Clinics are Empowering Mothers

A month or so ago you may have seen this post on my Instagram and Facebook pages. I spoke about a Johnson’s Baby event that I attended where they launched the Healthy Skin Project in partnership with Unjani Clinics, how it really resonated with me as a mother and how I desperately wanted to get involved in some way or form.

This past Thursday I finally got the chance to join the Johnson’s Baby team to go and visit one of the Unjani Clinics and help hand out lovely goodies to the moms and kiddies as well as Unjani vouchers. It was an incredible day, and one that I would love to repeat, perhaps even in the form of a readers outing, let me know in the comments below if you would be keen on that!

I have been blown away at how Johnson’s Baby and Unjani Clinics are empowering and supporting mothers (and fathers) by educating them on how best to take care of their infants skin, and why it is so important.

Most of us know that a baby’s skin is thinner than an adult’s; in fact it is 30% thinner and loses moisture at double the speed. While that is enough reason to take special care of our little one’s skin, there are far more important and far reaching reasons as well. If a baby’s skin is not properly looked after, it can become incredibly dry and itchy, leading to horrible bacterial infections that are often difficult to not only diagnose, but also treat. Throw in poor socio-economic conditions and the problem becomes that much worse.

Unjani Clinics are community based clinics that offer incredibly affordable private healthcare. They encourage and empower community nurses to own and operate their own clinic in their neighbourhoods. Not only does this create more jobs, it also helps to alleviate some pressure on the South African health system. In 2013, the South African Health Review released a statement that on average there were only 141 public sector professional nurses to every 10 000 patients. You do the math. Statistics like this mean that for most mothers, they need to walk for many kilometres to get to state healthcare, and once they are there, they need wait for hours to be seen to, there just aren’t enough nurses for things to go any faster. Over and above this, they often need to miss a day of work, losing out on much needed income. With over 30 clinics all over the country, Unjani clinics are a great alternative for mothers if the state clinic just isn’t a viable option for them.

So, what does the Johnson’s Baby and Unjani partnership mean for mothers? First and foremost, it’s all about education. Parents will be educated on skin health through awareness campaigns, but more importantly, through the nurses that work at Unjani Clinics. Nurses will be armed with not only incredible educational tools including info booklets and pamphlets, they will also have trial size Johnson’s Baby products to give to patients so that they can use the product and see the difference that it makes on their child’s skin. Johnson’s Baby has also created some wonderful vouchers that will be circulated to the different clinics. These vouchers can be redeemed for one of the following:

  • Baby vaccinations including immunisations
  • Baby consultation when baby is ill
  • Baby wellness check which includes baby weighing, measuring and temperature monitoring

It is during one of the above appointments that the nurses at Unjani Clinics will take the time to educate mothers about the importance of skin health.

The time that I spent at the Eersterust Unjani Clinic (a brand new clinic, sponsored by Johnson & Johsnons) was absolutely incredible. The clinic is incredibly clean and absolutely everything is in working order. The nurses are such darlings and you can see that they have such a good relationship with the mother’s within the community. And the kids, well as you can see, they are just so gosh darn cute. I really enjoyed connecting with the moms, because regardless of our socio economic bracket, we all deal with a lot of the same things when it comes to our kids: sleepless nights, a tough time breastfeeding, teething, and, and, and…

The Healthy Skin Project is a three year campaign so you can bet your bottom dollar you will be seeing a lot more about it over here. Keen to get involved like I mentioned earlier on? Let me know in the comments section!

*Disclaimer: This article is sponsored by Johnson’s Baby South Africa.

*Disclaimer: All of the mothers signed a release form, allowing these photographs to be published.


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