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Towards the end of last year I was just feeling a bit sluggish, probably end of the year burn out. I had read quite a bit about IV infusions, they seemed to be all the rage and the benefits sounded incredible and I was thrilled when Skin Renewal invited me to have some treatments done with them.

I’ve done my fair share of treatments with Skin Renewal and I can honestly say that I trust my local team implicitly. I’ll link all of my previous posts that I did about them at the bottom of this page – definitely worth the read if you are concerned about stretch marks or are interested in Dermapen, Carboxy Therapy or skin regeneration laser treatments.

Lets quickly chat about what IV infusions actually are. Sometimes our body needs a bit of a boost, IV infusions are a way to do just that. Vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants are fed into the body intravenously, via a drip straight into the bloodstream where the nutrients are quickly absorbed and put to good use. One of the great things about IV infusions is that they can be customized to help alleviate any symptoms or health issues that you may be having.

Generally it is suggested that you go once a week for 10-20 weeks to really boost your system, thereafter you and your doctor can decide whether or not you need a maintenance plan.

It is important to remember that IV infusions should only be done by a registered nurse or doctor, therapists are not qualified to perform this treatment. Nurse Angela Videira and Dr Talia Semple did my IV infusions and both of them were incredible and were ridiculously good with the needle, I literally didn’t feel a thing.

IV Infusions

The first thing that you need to do, before you even get close to having an IV infusion, is have a health consult with one of the Skin Renewal Doctors. I had mine with Dr Zander Coertze and was so impressed. When was the last time you went for a consult and the doctor took a full hour, really finding out your history and asking you all sorts of health related questions? I don’t think I’ve ever had that… until Skin Renewal. It was because of this thorough consult that I was properly diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease and prescribed the proper medication. But that’s a story for another day.

Once my consult was done and my blood test results (liver and kidney function) were in, I was ready to receive my first IV infusion. We decided to alternate between three different ones:

Jet Fuel: This is a fantastic IV if you are fatigued or suffering from symptoms of flu. Vitamins included are Magnesium, Vitamin C, B5, B6 and B12. I can honestly say that this IV was magical! Usually by about 4pm I hit a slump; I’m tired, irritable, unmotivated and just want to go to sleep. But after having the Jet Fuel IV infusion, I still had energy at 6pm and could easily manage a last bit of work. The best bit though is that it didn’t feel like ____ energy like an energy drink would give you, it felt completely natural and didn’t affect my sleeping at all. This was definitely my favourite out of the three by a long shot.

Sports Bomb: This is quite a complex IV infusion but the main reason that I took it was to help with my metabolism. It’s also great to help reduce down time after and injury and to help improve overall athletic performance. Look, this probably would have been more effective if I had stopped chowing down as much as I do, but what can I say, I love food.

Weight Loss: We incorporated this IV infusion because of it’s detoxing benefits, and my body was definitely in the market for a little bit of a cleanse. It was also a great complimentary IV for the Jet Fuel as it also helps to eliminate fatigue. I think that I definitely felt the effects of this IV infusion, especially in terms of fatigue. In saying that though, I do think that the detoxing was effective as my skin definitely started to clear up quite nicely.

Did I think that the IV infusions were worth it? Absolutely.

Would I do them again? Without hesitation.

I can honestly say that they got me out of the end of year slump, gave my energy levels a much needed boost, and made me feel a lot healthier. I loved that they took half an hour at the most, and that I could feel the effects of the Jet Fuel almost immediately. If you’re feeling a bit our of sorts, run down or just want a good health boost, I would highly recommend popping into your closest Skin Renewal branch. Their staff are so well informed and trained, they will be able to give you the absolute best advice.

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  1. This sounds amazing. Definately going to check them out. Did you have all 3 IV infusions in one visit? I’m really interested to hear how they diagnosed you with Hashi’s, did they send you for blood tests? Really interested to hear. Thanks for sharing Sarah

    • Hi Lara, glad you enjoyed the read 🙂 I didn’t have all 3 infusions at once, they were alternated over the weeks. In terms of my diagnosis, it was through a series of blood tests and a very thorough screening of my history that I was finally diagnosed and given the correct medication.

  2. Wow! How much does it typically cost? Is it covered by the medical aid? Did you see weight loss benefits?

    • Hi Bianca, thanks for reading! The price varies depending on which IV you decide on, but you can ring up Skin Renewal and they will be able to quote you. The IV’s alone will not cause weight loss, but paired with a healthy diet and exercise, it will aid in weigh loss 🙂 It unfortunately is not covered by medical aid.


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