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A few days ago I posted a photo on Instagram and Twitter saying how ridiculously excited I am to have finally found a haircare routine that is working for me! If you, like me, have a more hate than love relationship with your hair, then keep on reading…

My hair and I have walked a long road together. I’ve had some not so great times (fire engine red that faded into pink) and then some moments that I really loved, but others (mom!) weren’t so keen on, like when I went a very dark brown. My hair has been long like a mermaid but for the past few months I’ve really enjoyed keeping it shoulder length, a bit longer than a lob (long bob). I’m very lucky to have a lot of hair. And when I say a lot, I mean a lot. Every single hair dresser comments on that, and I can see that look in their eyes when I say I want a full head of highlights – they know that they’re going to be busy with me aaalllll day. I also have quite wavy hair. And you know what that means – frizz! There’s even more frizz because of course, highlights aren’t the most gentle on your hair. The dry JHB weather doesn’t do me any favours either. The odds really are stacked against me!

I have long been on the search for the perfect combination of products that would tame my crazy mane – I dreamt of a nourishing, repairing dream team that also helped to control the frizz. I don’t mind the waves or curls, I just can’t stand looking like I’ve just rubbed a balloon against my hair. I’m not too sure exactly, how all of these products ended up being used together but they did, and I thank the hair gods for it!

My shampoo of choice at the moment is the LUSH Daddy-O (R85 for 100g/ R170 for 250g/ R255 for 500g from LUSH stores or online). This is a purple shampoo which is very beneficial to blondes because of its color balancing ability. Fear not though, because anyone can use this shampoo! Its main purpose is actually to add volume and shine to the hair –who’s going to say not to that?! Lemon and organic lime juice make the hair cuticle lie flat, which means that it reflects more light, making your hair shine bright like a diamond (song lyrics just happen, I can’t help it). I really feel like this is the magic product that is handling the frizz situation, and I think that the extra virgin coconut oil has something to do with that. It smells fruity but it’s not overkill which is great, no one wants to walk around smelling like an bowl of KOO fruit salad. Be warned, Daddy-O doesn’t do a hell of a lot of foaming up and you have to do a double cleanse with it, which, let’s be honest is the proper way to do things.

After I’ve done the shampoo-ing thing, I towel dry my hair. Now I know what you’re thinking: what a flipping mission! And I won’t lie, it is. If youre anything like me, washing your hair is literally the worst part of your week and you just want to get in and out of the shower as fast as you can. I hear you, but after towel-drying my hair before conditioning a few times, I definitely noticed a difference, so give it a whirl.

Now I add my conditioner but only from the mid-lengths to the ends of my hair. You’ll want to make sure of this, especially if you have more oily hair. I have been using the Matrix Biolage Ultra Hydrating Balm (price differs, available at professional hair salons). I like this conditioner because it isn’t too heavy but still leaves my hair in good condition. The aloe extract and apricot kernel oil nourishes my damaged hair and also smooths, which is great for frizz control. Because I have so much hair, it tends to get pretty knotty if I don’t give it a comb through while the conditioner is doing it’s magic. I just give it a once over with a wide toothed comb. I also find that this helps to distribute the conditioner a bit more.

Once I’ve hopped out the shower, I give my hair another really good towel dry and comb through. I was using Moroccan Oil, but a few months ago my mom bought me the Aragan Secret Argan Moroccan Oil Treatment (R299.95 for 100ml at Dischem) and I have to say, I can’t really tell the difference between the two brands. It could just be my ignorance but I really think that I get the same results. I use two pumps and apply it from my midlengths to the tips. Make sure to flip your head over to get the hair at the back and at the bottom. What this magic potion does is just give that extra TLC that damaged or dry hair needs. And again, aids the elimination of frizzl!

And thats it! Thats my fail-proof routine at the moment. The picture above is the one I posted on Instagram and Twitter – my hair is completely air dried and I think it looks pretty darn good! A lot less frizz than there usually is and the waves aren’t a complete jumbled mess of tangle. If I want to be a little bit more fancy, I whip out the curling tongs, now that I finally got the trick of doing soft curls. I used to be green with envy when I saw other girls getting it right like it aint no thang. After watching about a thousand YouTube tutorials, I finally got it right. I found this one and this one by Essie Button the most helpful. Don’t you just love her fun personality?

After seeing Chicara from Lipgloss Kisses post a picture of the OGX Coconut Water Shampoo and Condidtioner on Instagram, I cant stop thinking about them! I spotted them in Dischem this past weekend for R149 each. Those are definitely next on my list but I am on a mission recently to actually finish the products that I already own. Its not easy when there are so many great choices on the shelves! The one thing I am still on the hunt for is a good thermal defence spray so if you have any suggestions, let me know in the comments.


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