Free valentine’s day printables for kids

If you know me, you’ll know that I will use any excuse to decorate and celebrate and the day of love is not exception! I always do something fun for the girls on Valentine’s Day and wanted to share some of that with you with some free Valentine’s Day printables that you can use in whatever way you’d like.

The first free Valentine’s day printable is this placemat for breakfast. I always like to do something cute and Valentine’s themed for brekkie; flapjacks cut into hearts (I use a cookie cutter), strawberry yogurt, toast cut into hearts, etc. I’m going to write a little love note to each of the girls in the space provided on the placemat and I just know that they will love it, plus they can also colour in the hearts. You can download the placemat over here, I would suggest printing it in A3.

I also wanted to do something fun for the girls to take to school with them (besides a little choccie) and so I created these little lunchbox notes that all have Valentine’s day themed jokes on them. I’m not sure about your kids but mine love to tell jokes and think that they are absolutely hilarious so I know that these will be a hit! These would also make adorable class/friend gifts, just add a little lollipop and you’re done! And if you’re super serious about celebrating everything, like I am, you can laminate your print outs to use year after year. You can download your Valentine’s day joke cards over here. If you’re looking for the answers, they’re at the bottom, upside down.

The last bit of Valentine’s day inspo that I want to share is from YOU! A few days ago I asked you what you do for your kiddos to celebrate the day of love and there were some really lovely ideas so here they are:
A Valentine’s day picnic with their favourite food

A movie night with lots of treats

Their favourite breakfast

Treats packed into their lunchboxes for school

Writing our reasons you love them and sticking them onto their bedroom door

A booklets of dates to go on for the rest of the year

If you decide to go ahead with any of these ideas, or use the printables, definitely let me know, I love seeing how you use the resources I provide! Have a wonderful Valentine’s day friends.

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