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This is is a bit of a switch up from the normal type of posts that I do  – usually the blog is filled with beauty and skincare but every now and then I like to throw something different into the mix to keep things interesting.

I love coffe. I love take away coffee, I love filter coffee, I love instant coffee, I just love caffeine coarsing through my veins. It doesn’t keep me awake, it just feels good. That first cup of coffee in the morning is something so magical and just kicks things off the right way (especially if its a double shot latte from Seattle!). When I found out that I was pregnant though I cut caffeine out of my diet completely. The first week was tough, I couldn’t believe how dependant I was on the humble cup of Jacobs! But the more I went without it, the easier it got and soon I didn’t even miss it (I can’t say the same for wine though).  After my miscarriage, it didn’t even cross my mind to go back to my coffee-drinking ways, being caffeine free had just become a way of life for me.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think drinking coffee is completely unhealthy and bad for you, as long as you aren’t drinking 15 cups a day – that’s a little excessive! When I stopped with the coffee, my aim was to replace it with an alternative that was more natural and healthy. I’ve rounded up some of my go to caffeine free drinks to share with you today. They’re also all hot because hells bells, I need to warm up somehow with this freezing cold winter we are having!

Warm water with lemon – This was a suprising little game changer. I try my best to drink this every morning because there are so many health benefits, it would be crazy not to! Lemons are of course packed with vitamin C and boost your body’s immune system, and don’t forget the antioxidants its full of! Lemon water balances the pH of your body (did you know that a very acidic body can be a contributing factor to acne?) and detoxes it at the same time. This means that over time you will start to feel less lathergic and your skin will get back it’s healthy glow. If you love your coffee because it keeps your brain alert during the day don’t turn your nose up at lemon water just yet, the potassium in the lemon nourishes the brain and the nerve cells, so there’s that problem solved. I like to use fresh lemons whenever possible but if I’m down and out, I will settle for a few splashes of lemon juice. If you’re fighting off a cold, add some ginger and honey.

Honey infused Rooibos tea –  The problem with normal Rooibos tea (well, for me at least) is that I cannot drink it without adding honey – which just adds calories (not that I really count). My cousin told me to try out honey infused Rooibos tea, she promised me that I wouldn’t need to add anymore honey. I was sceptical, but what do you know, it tastes delish! You can pick this up at any grocery store – the Woolies one is great and the most tasty in my opinion.

The Tea Merchant loose leaf teas – Friends gave me the sweetest glass tea pot and some loose leaf teas for my birthday back in May. They are such a treat to drink and I really enjoy the fruity flavours when the late afternoon hunger starts to set in. My favourite flavour is Falling in Love Again which is made up of apple, pear, mango and papaya bits, Hibiscus and sunflower blossoms and passion fruit granulate – how amazing does that sound?! Let me tell you, it tastes awesome, I don’t even add honey.  You can buy all types of teas and accessories on The Tea Merchant website here.

Wellness Warehouse Sugar Free Chai Latte – You know, sometimes you just gotta treat yourself. And how much sweeter is that treat if it’s guilt free and accompanied buy a scrummy biscuit (not as guilt free) or two? I love the chai lattes from Tashas and Vovo Telo (you just have to look at my bank statement to confirm this) but I know that they are so loaded with sugar and so are not the healthiest of healthy choices. When I found this sugar free chai latte powder in my local Wellness Warehouse I was thrilled – now I could make my beloved hot drink in the comfort of my own home and not have to worry about the sugar overload (just a note, it does contain xylitol so you can’t go too cray cray and have 6 cups a day). It’s so easy to make – just put 3 teaspoons into a mug and add a tiny bit of milk to make a paste. Add some heated milk, stir and hey presto you’re done! If heating up the milk is too much admin (I totally understand), I have made it in the same way you would make coffee – 90% boiling water, 10% milk, still pretty good! I also like to add a little sprinkle of cinnamon on the top. You can purchase this product from a Wellness Warehouse store or online here.

Of course I do have decaf coffee every now and then when I feel like some, it’s just so nice to have more of a choice now. Do you have any caffeine free drinks that you love? Share them in the comments below!


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