My current 3 favourite Johannesburg restaurants

Oh man do I love food, I love it even more if I’m sitting in a great restaurant! I thought I would share 3 of my favourite restaurants at the moment. They are all completely different ‘cos you know, variety is the spice of life.

Restaurante Parreirinha – Rosettenville, Johannesburg

When I first moved to Joburg two years ago this was one of the first restaurants that friends took Dan and I to. I got pretty nervous driving there… Parreirinha is not really in the best area, to put it lightly, but dodging taxis and locking your doors is well worth it! Don’t bother going there if you are expecting a fancy schmancy venue, in fact I heard a rumour that the restaurant used to be a police station – not too sure how true that is though. This restaurant is so popular and is frequented by locals as well as business men, in fact, hanging from the ceiling are business ties that people leave behind after their meal. Adds quite a quirky touch I think. I always order the same thing when I go to Parreirinha: prawn cakes for starters and prawn curry for mains. Both are out of this world and the portions are huge! I have sampled a few of the other dishes on offer and have yet to be disappointed. If you’re looking to go somewhere different and casual but still have amazing food and excellent service – this is it! Oh added bonus: you can buy frozen prawn cakes to take home so you can have one whenever you please. They are completely addictive, I’m drooling thinking of them right now!

Piza e Vino – Melville, Johannesburg

I tweeted this past Saturday that we had been out for an amazing meal at Piza e Vino. In fact, we have never had a bad meal at this particular branch. This one is a favourite for a few reasons: first of all the setting is amazing! Strings of fairy lights hung from tree to tree outside and inside is old and rustic (try eat in what I have dubbed “The Wine Room”). Secondly there is ample parking and you don’t have to pay for it! And lastly, its not a mall, a big deal living in Jozi. Another plus is that this restaurant is pretty kid friendly, in fact when we were there this past weekend our friends 1 year old came with and was completely happy – the staff even let mom into the kitchen to sort his food out. There is a good wine selection as well as cocktails and a few craft beers if you are that way inclined. I haven’t bothered eating anything but pizza here, and why would I, its some of the best pizza Ive ever had! Favourites include James Brown (grilled chicken with bbq sauce, bacon, guacamole, cheddar and red onions), Le Greca (bacon, feta and avo), Breezy Brie (sundried tomato, brie, basil and avo) and Porky the Pig (salami, pepperoni, bacon, caramelised onion, feta and basil). If you are Banting or Paleo or gluten intolerant, they offer both carb free and gluten free pizza bases. Winning!

Heat Grill Room – Woodlands, Pretoria

When friends promised us that we would fall head over heels for Heat, we decided to make the groot trek to Pretoria to try it out. We were NOT disappointed! Heat is super swanky with its crisp white table cloths and impeccable service. Look, I’m not the most knowledgable when it comes to steak but I do know this, the steak at this restaurant is the amazing, melt in your mouth, cannot get enough, shovel every last morsel into your mouth type of steak. They aren’t shy with the sides either which is great, I love me some side fries and veg! Make sure that you save room for dessert because let me tell you, it is one of the most amazing things I have ever tasted: Turkish delight ice cream with actual chunks of Turkish delight and chocolate sauce. Be warned, this is huge, in fact, the 4 of us shared one. There are of course other sweet options but this one is definitely a winner.

I know these are all Gauteng based but I definitely have a Cape Town one in the works and perhaps even a Durban one! If you are a serious foodie, you can follow me on Zomato, I try to update as often as I can but sometimes I get so excited about the delicious food in front of me that I forget…



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  1. Looking forward to trying these out. I have always thought that we have the best foodie places in the world. I’m going to enjoy discovering Joburg ?


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