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I hope that you didn’t think that I had wondered off and gotten lost somewhere, never to return. No, no, I just took a bit of time off last week to spend with my Mom who was in the country for a little while. But I’m back in full force!

I’m sure a few of you have noticed that Johnson’s have come out with some new skincare items which is super exciting for two reasons:

  1. They are really affordable products.
  2. Sometimes they aren’t half bad.

I received some of the products in a goodie bag from an event about two weeks back and then last week Beauty Bulletin sent me three more, I am a lucky, lucky girl! Today I am going to give you my first impressions on the products and whether I fell in love with them or if I think I might give them the boot based on a weeks’ worth of use..

Just a note, if something doesn’t work well on my skin, it doesn’t mean that it won’t work well on yours. I have a combination skin – dehydrated patches over my cheeks and forehead but my nose and chin tend to be more oily.

As it worked out, I received some goodies from two different ranges. I’m going to start with the bunch of products that Beauty Bulletin sent me:

The Johnsons Oil Control Range is formulated to help those that have combination to oily skin types. Crammed full of ingredients like grapefruit and lemongrass extract, these products are said to keep your skin shine free for up to 8 hours.

Oil Control Cleansing Bar: I’m going to sound like a negative Nancy here but when I saw this product, I knew that I wouldn’t like it. I really don’t like the idea of a soap bar for my face. I don’t care what antibacterial ingredients are shoved in there, to me, its a breeding ground for nasties. None the less, I tried it. I found it to be very drying and after using it my skin felt extremely tight and uncomfortable. If I had to keep this around, it would be in the shower to use on my back and chest as I seem to be breaking out in those areas a lot recently (hormones, they are relentless!).

Oil Control Facial Wash: I have professed my love for gel cleansers so often here on the blog, and although this one isn’t in my top 3, I actually quite like it. It doesn’t foam up as much as a regular gel cleanser but it still feels foamy. I love the way it smells – fresh and citrus-y. In my opinion this is an ideal cleanser for the morning. My skin did feel a tiiiiny but tight after using it (my skin tends to do that with a lot of cleansers), but it wasn’t enough to make me hate the product. It removed all of my make up when I used it at night and my skin felt clean but not stripped, unlike when I used the soap bar. In saying that, if I continue to use this product, I will do so in the morning. I’ve really been enjoying using a more rich, creamy cleanser at night.

Oil Control Facial Cream:  I love the idea of a light-weight moisturiser, especially with Summer coming up. There is nothing worse than feeling weighed down by a thick moisturiser caked on your face, yuck! Again, I loved the scent of this product, it is the same zesty fragrance as the gel wash. I’m lucky that my skin doesn’t ever look get that oily shine, but if yours does, this moisturiser is said to ward that off for 8 hours. Personally, I would keep this moisturiser exclusively for the day. At night, I like something just a little bit richer to nourish my skin.

Now onto the two other products that I received at an event I attended:

The Hydration Essentials range has some great ingredients like ocean minerals and panthenol to lock in moisuture for 24hours and keep skin healthy. Do you have normal or dehydrated skin? This is for you.

Hydration Essentials Cleansing Wipes: These work a treat when I’m being lazy. In my opinion, every make up wearing human should have at least 3 packs in their life. These hydrating wipes remove all of my make up quick sticks, even my 200 coats of mascara isn’t much of a challenge. One thing I did notice is that the cloth is slightly more abrasive than what I’m used to so don’t go too crazy over sensitive areas like the eyes. I can’t say that these specific wipes are insanely better than any others that I’ve used but I really do like them and my skin didn’t feel sensitive, sticky or tight after using them.

Hydration Essentials 2-in-1 Facial Gel/Mask: I saved the best for last. I remember seeing Irina from I’ll Take It All snap about this particular product saying that its just as good as the Dermalogica Hydrating Mask but obviously at a fraction of the price. This was like music to my ears so you can imagine my excitement when I saw that I received one in a goodie bag! This mask contains ocean minerals that will help with hydration, but it also maskes it smell very marine like which awesome. Another great thing about this mask is that you only need to leave it on for 3 minutes, you don’t have to spend 15 minutes of your life waiting to wash it off. After you remove the mask it doesn’t leave any oily residue or film which I find a lot of gel masks do. This mask is definitely going to make a new home in my bathroom: it’s affordable and leaves my skin as soft as a baby’s bottom!

I also reviewed these products on the Beauty Bulletin website. You can read them here, here and here.

Have you tried any of the new Johnson’s products? What did you think of them?



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    September 2, 2015 at 11:36 am

    Loved this post – and so glad you’re back to blogging! I’ve missed your posts! That Facial Gel/ Mask is one of my favourites – such a lovely, lightweight skin saviour! xx

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