Fighting Unwanted Postpartum Hair Growth with Glo Laser & Beauty

Pregnancy and those postpartum hormones are insane and really have a mind of their own. Honestly, I would say that my hormones are only starting to settle down now, a year and a half after having Aria. One thing that I didn’t even think about was postpartum hair growth. I knew that many women suffered from hair loss after pregnancy but often some, like me, get the complete opposite end of the stick.

Now it’s all good and well to have a head of super thick hair, but it is not great to have hair grow back where I had it lasered or to have a faster and thicker growth on your legs, and lets be honest, other areas where you’d prefer there not to be any growth. So what goes on with our hormones to cause all of this hair growth and loss craziness? Well, it’s relatively straight forward. Hair follicles have three stages of growth and during pregnancy due to increased estrogen levels, the growth phase is significantly longer, which gives you that Pantene advert looking hair; thick and gorgeous, but it’s also when I noticed that I was getting more hair growth on my underarms than I usually did. Once your baby is born, your estrogen levels plummet, shortening the growth phase, and is what can cause hair loss or thinning. After about 6 months, your hormones start to settle down ever so slightly, and because of this, your estrogen levels start to go up a little big again and that is when you will start to see baby hairs appear.

Because of all of the hormones playing yo yo, it’s always wise to wait a good few months before you commit to laser hair removal therapy, the last thing you want is to spend all that time, only for it not to work. Your best bet is to set up a consultation with one of the aestheticians at Glo and they will be able to advise you without a doubt.

When Glo Laser & Beauty invited me to pop in for a few laser hair removal  sessions, I was as keen as could be to zap my underarms, especially with summer coming up. I went to the Glo branch in Dainfern but there is also a branch in Pretoria if that is closer for you. I love the whole vibe of the clinic; it’s fun, fresh and not at all boring. The aesthticians are so knowledgeable and incredibly thorough which is a rare commodity these days. They offer some really incredible treatments and are pretty much on the forefront when it comes to the latest and most popular treatments. Over and above this, you can also get a mani and a pedi when you pop in for your aesthetic treatments. So awesome to have everything under one roof!

When I first booked my sessions, I was told that the laser therapy that they used was basically pain free and that I would be in and out of there in 15 minutes maximum. I was definitely skeptical, the last time I had laser hair removal, I wasn’t in agony, but it was definitely an uncomfortable experience. As for the 15 minutes, I just laughed that off. Well, Glo had the last laugh, because what they told me was exactly true. I honestly felt nothing at all, minus the cold gel, and I was done in 10 minutes, 4 of which was the actual laser procedure. How great it that – you can literally pop in during your lunch break and still pick up a snack before heading back to your desk.

Glo uses the Soprano Ice laser machine which is both FDA and CE approved. The actual treatment process was an absolute breeze! After filling out my consent form and popping on a boob tube, the area to be lasered was mapped out, in this case it was my underarm. Once that was done, a cool gel was applied (very similar to the gel used when you go for an ultrasound) and then we began with the actual laser. Now I had laser done a good few years ago and it was a little bit uncomfortable, a similar feeling to being stung by an elastic band and the application was done follicle by follicle making it pretty time consuming. Imagine my delight when the new laser technology that Glo uses is the complete opposite! The laser is executed by rubbing the head onto the area and the only sensation that I felt was a very very slight heat, more from friction than anything else. And it was so quick! Here is a short video so that you can see exactly what I’m talking about:

So, are you keen to get yourself silky smooth without any of the hassle or discomfort? Well Glo Laser & Beauty have been really generous and given you a discount code! Receive 40% off your first treatment when you use the code MASCARAGLO40. Have a look at the banner on the right of this page and click on it to contact the branch closest to you.

Here’s to a smooth and silky summer!

*This post is sponsored by Glo Laser & Beauty





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