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To be honest, I would rather forget about May. Between the disappointments, doctors offices, heartache and hospital stays it was a pretty rubbish month. But I’m all about silver linings at the moment and what better way to make myself feel better about the month of doom and gloom than to look back and see which products really won me over or products that I had actually forgotten about that I rediscovered.

Being in the not-so-awesome state that I was in, wearing make up wasn’t really a priority. Normally, when I step out of the house to go somewhere (besides the odd run to Woolies to buy bread, milk and a sneaky chocolate), I have a fair amount of make up on, just to look a bit normal and not scare small children. I made it through May with just BB cream and mascara. Shocking right?! I’ve always been a bit wary of BB creams – I wear foundation for a reason : I have stuff to hide! I’m not sure what possessed me to purchase the LA Girl Pro BB Cream, but it was a good life choice! Although the coverage is not as much as a foundation, I found this completely sufficient for during the day and I have actually continued using it even now when I am actually putting effort into my appearance again. In terms of how it felt on my skin, I have no complaints.I wouldn’t use this as a replacement for a moisturiser though. It didn’t feel sticky (pet peeve) and when applied with a make up brush, it blended well. Just so you know, there is the Pro Conceal as well and from what I have read, it works miracles.

While we are on the topic of make up, let’s chat about these Clicks Eye Make Up Remover Discs. If there is one thing I hate about mascara, it’s this: when I’ve either run out of cotton pads or I can’t find my make up remover, I just wash my mascara off with my cleanser – this usually leads to soap or mascara in the eyes and me blindly grasping for the nearest towel. These wipes have made my life so much easier it’s actually a joke! They are already soaked in a make up remover, so all you need to do is apply the cotton pad to your eye and then wipe away your make up. What I also really like about these nifty wipes, is that they are oil free. To those of you that are using baby oil to remove make up, with tears in my eyes, I beg of you to stop! Mineral oil is one of the leading causes of milia (those hard white bumps) on the under eye area. I tend to use two (one for each eye) and then a third one just for the last little bits. There are 80 cotton pads in the container and so this could last you a good month and a half to two months.

I remember last year December or so when The Body Shop released their Smoky Poppy range. I marched into the store the very next day and purchased three of the shower gels. Now, if you are anything like me, you have about 3 shower gels open at the same time. My husband thinks I’m crazy, but I just want a little variety in my life ok?! To me, the smoky poppy range is quite seductive and perfect to use in preparation for date night. For the life of me, I do not know why I used so much of it in May but every time that I did (which was most nights), I really enjoyed it. The fragrance does linger on your skin but not too heavily which I prefer. Hugely over powering scents are not really my thing.

Back to make up, well sort of. I have a very pink undertone and my skin goes red so quickly, whether it’s from standing in the sunlight or walking up the stairs (yes, I am that unfit). When I purchased the Dermalogica Redness Relief Primer I was so excited. I have always been a fan of their Ultra Calming range, and this green tinted primer sounded like a great addition to my ever expanding collection of products. What can I say, once a fan, always a fan. The natural earth minerals that make up the green tint counteract redness, which is such great news! But what’s more, oat extracts (amongst other ingredients) work beneath the surface of the skin to prevent sensitivity and inflammation from occurring in the first place. I love that this isn’t your normal run of the mill primer – it goes to the root of sensitivity as well as soothe its symptoms. If you aren’t rosy cheeked inclined but are still looking for a primer, I can vouch for the Dermalogica Skin Perfect Primer. It forms part of their Age Smart range and will smooth fine lines, brighten the skin as well as create the perfect canvas for you to apply your make up onto.

Last but definitely not least is the Oh Lief Tummy Wax. Let me just put it out there people, I have stretch marks. And recently one or two decided to rear their ugly heads. It was a very traumatic morning when I first spotted them. Coincidentally it was a week before I went to Karmers Vol Geskenke and I knew Oh Lief would be there with all their goodies. At the time, I was still pregnant and so I had planned to do a bit of a bulk buy of their baby products. One of those items was the Tummy Wax which is of course, safe to use during breastfeeding and pregnancy. I have been using this product on the two stretch marks religiously for a few weeks now and I have to say, I definintley do see an improvement. They aren’t gone completely but, come on, its a tear in your dermis, you cant really expect them to disappear over night. Since Joburg has become a lot more dry this past month I’ve also been using this tummy wax on my elbows as they tend to get a bit dry in the colder months, and to my suprise it has made a real difference. I am such a fan of this brand as a whole and love the fact that all the products use organic ingredients and is made right here in South Africa.

There we go, those were the products that got me through May. It’s only the first week of June and I already have some winners! Leave a comment below and let me know if there were any products that rocked your world last month, I’m always on the look out for something new. Happy Friday lovelies!



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