Extra Mural Teacher Gift Ideas

You know how they say that it takes a village? I feel like that village expands exponentially the moment your child starts school, pre-school included! There are so many wonderful people that play important roles in our childrens lives and it’s always lovely to give them a small something as a token of appreciation for all that they have done throughout the year. I wanted to share this extra mural teacher gift idea with you as the school year starts to wind down. It’s so simple, really won’t cost a bomb (a total plus if you have multiple extra mural teachers!) and I think it’s something that will definitely be appreciated!

All you need to do is download this free printable and print it to your preferred size, I printed 4 per A4 page. I’d suggest using white card as it isn’t as flimsy as paper.

Next, when you’re out and about, go and pick up some coffee vouchers. I of course went to my fave spot, Motherland. Take your coffee voucher and secure it to the card where it says “stick gift card here”. Some places give voucher slips, I just folded mine up and taped it to the card with some festive tape. Other coffee shops do a plastic voucher card, you could use some double sided tape for these.

And that’s it, you’re done! To see it all come together, give this reel a watch.

If you wanted to add a little something more to go with the voucher, here are some ideas that are also cost effective and below R100.

3 pack printed tea towels

Floral travel mug

Soetkoekkies in a tin

Santa on safari mug

Personalised Christmas bauble (other designs available)

MaMere nougat (other flavours available)

Litchi and Titch lip balm (other variations available)

A quick and easy blog post today but I hope that it was super helpful for those of you who, like me are in the middle of the year end rush. Just a few more weeks and then we can be poolside, relaxing… we can do it!

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