Easy Toddler Food recipes that your child will love: Spinach Flapjacks

I know how much you guys enjoy seeing what I feed my girls day to day and so I thought that I would start to share easy toddler food recipes on the blog as well… starting today! I try to keep the recipes simple and quick to make because lets be honest, the less time we need to spend in the kitchen, the better.

This spinach flapjack recipe is an absolute winner in our home. I tend to make a whole whack of them and then pop them in the freezer. In the morning, all I need to do is pop them into the microwave for a few mins and they’re good to be gobbled!

You can add so many different toppings, our two favourites are either nut butter with strawberries or maple syrup and banana. Both Aria and Maia love this breakfast, but these flapjacks are also perfect for lunchboxes, afternoon snacks and even baby led weaning. Easy toddler food that’s versatile? What’s not to love?!

But enough waffling, let’s get cooking, good looking!


a handful or two of spinach

one large/two medium ripe bananas (the riper, the better)

2 eggs

1.5 cups flour/oat flour

1 teaspoon baking powder

1 teaspoon melted coconut oil/olive oil

1.5 cups milk of your choice


Blend together the spinach, bananas, eggs, milk and oil until it’s as smooth as possible. I use my Nutribullet and let it go for at least 45 seconds.

Mix together flour and baking powder. If you’d like to, you can add a scoop of protein powder or similar. I like to use Natures Nutrition Amazing Superfood for Kids.

Combine the spinach and flour mixtures until thereĀ  are no lumps.

Melt a little coconut oil in a pan on medium heat and add spoonfuls of batter, about 3 at a time. Cook until little bubbles form on the top and then flip. Cook until golden brown.

Makes about 20 flapjacks.

Let me know if you whip up a batch of these and what your kiddos think!

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