DIY Busy book for toddlers: mouse and cheese

Yay, I’m so excited that busy book month has begun and my first DIY busy book for toddlers post! Ever since I posted a picture on my Instagram stories of Maia playing with the busy book my mom made for Aria a few years ago, you all were desperate to know how to make one yourselves. Well, I managed to rope my mom in to help me out and we are both so chuffed with how all the different pages came out.

This weeks toddler page is super easy to do, I thought we would ease into things and this mouse and cheese page is just perfect.

Sensory aspects:

Engages bilateral integration (the ability to use the two sides of the body – in this case the hands in a co-ordinated manner) as well as fine motor dexterity and control. It can also incorporate problem solving to untangling the mouse and then creativity to tangle it again. This page also uses a lot of motor planning which is an important skill.

What you’ll need:

two pieces of square felt, one needs to be yellow


two material half moons

one batting/thin foam half moon

one felt ear in brown

one felt inner ear in pink

one felt circle for the eye in black

How to:

Draw circles of various sizes on the yellow felt and cut them out.

Make the mouse by sewing the two half moons together with the batting in between. Make sure to put the string in between the material and batting when you sew so that you secure it. This will be the tail.

Sew on the felt ear, inner ear and eye.

Place the yellow felt on top of the other square piece of felt and place the other end of the string between the yellow and pink felt and then sew to secure them together.

And that’s it, your first busy book page is done! Not too difficult right? And remember, if you don’t have a sewing machine, you can absolutely just use a glue gun. I have this one and I use it all the time.

Don’t forget to tag me when you’re done with your first page, I can’t wait to see everyone’s creations!

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