DIY Busy book for babies: textured fish

DIY busy book for babies week one, finally! Busy books (or quiet books) can be an absolute lifesaver for not only your toddler, but also your baby. Maia loves hers and it can keeps her occupied for ages car rides, restaurants, in the mall, you get the idea.

I’m so excited to share how to make a DIY busy book with you all. They really aren’t meant to be perfect, I think that the homemade touch makes it so so special so don’t

Sensory aspects:

Introduces various textures due to the different textures. The child can also start developing a pincer grip in an effort to pinch off (ensure it’s securely fastened) the various textures and materials.

What you’ll need:

one square piece of blue felt

one felt fish

two sequin fins

one blue button



two hessian or similar fins

ric rac (the zig zag stuff)

How to:

Choose a blue felt background.

Cut out a shape of a fish on another piece of felt and sew on a button for an eye.

Sew together the two fin shaped pieces of sequins and then attach this to the fish. This can be quite tricky so just take it slowly and even hand stitch so you have more control.

Sew the two other fins onto the fish and then sew the fish onto the blue background.

Thread the beads onto the cord making sure that they can’t come off either end. Then sew them onto the bottom of the blue background, only securing them at the bottom.

Sew a few strands of the ric rac onto the bottom of the blue background as well.

And hey presto, you’re done!

Don’t forget to tag me when you’ve done your pages, I’d love to see them!

Click here to see the toddler busy book DIY


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