Declutter Challenge – Week Three

We’re halfway through our declutter challenge and I’m sure you’re noticing that your home is feeling a lot more organised now with less clutter and “stuff” am I right?

Week three of the declutter challenge is slightly less intensive and include tasks that we often overlook or slip our mind…

Purge your DVDs and CDs: When was the last time that you used a DVD or CD? I honestly can’t remember, everything gets streamed in our home, Netflix and Spotify are our besties but I still have all of my old CDs and DVDs from donkey’s years ago and I just can’t bring myself to chuck them… but perhaps this year is it. If you’re still desperate to hold onto that nostalgia, make sure the right discs are in the right cases and find a good way to store them all.

Organise your bathroom cabinets and toiletries: I know we did make up and accessories last week, but the bathroom cabinets also tend to collect a ton of product. Like we did a few days ago, go through it all, chuck what’s empty, donate what you don’t need or want and remember to check those expiry dates!

Work through your paperwork and file what is important: Oh man, I’ve been meaning to do this for so long! If I’m honest, I just pile up all the paper and then when I need something urgently (like our marriage certificate), I get annoyed because I need to sift through about a year’s paperwork. For today’s task, go through everything; shred and recycle what you don’t need and then divide everything else into groups like “insurance”, “warranties”, etc. It’s a good idea to get file dividers and then file it all into as many different files as you need. I like to have separate files for our personal paperwork and my business documents. While you’re at it, scan and digitally file away important documents.

Clean up your computer desktop: If there was ever a digital dumping ground, this is it. My desktop becomes filled with all sorts of documents that more than likely I only needed once and won’t need again. In today’s task, it’s time to clean up that desktop. File documents properly if you need to keep them and empty that recycle bin when you’re done. If you’re feeling particularly energetic, go through your cloud and organise that as well, I know mine’s waiting for me…

Organise your emails: I try to be really disciplined with my emails and sort through them once a week, having too many unread mails makes me feel quite overwhelmed to be honest. So today, go through your mails, delete what’s no longer needed, file those mails you still need to keep and go through your flagged mails to see what’s already been completed and what is still outstanding. Make sure your signature is up to date while you’re at it.

Purge your apps and delete the photos that you don’t need: This is my Everest; I have so many photos that my phone is constantly running out of space, and even though they’re on the cloud, I still don’t want to delete them. Well this weekend is the weekend that I go through 4 years worth of images; backup and purge. While you’re on your phone, go through your apps and delete the ones you don’t use, you’ll be suprised at how many there are!

And just like that you’ve completed week three! If you missed out on the previous decluttering challenge posts, you can read week one here and week two over here. I also have a decluttering highlight on my Instagram page if you need more inspo. Please tag me in your social posts, I love seeing them and sharing them!

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  1. I think this is my favorite. So many things to don’t think of



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