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Every year around May I put together a bit of a lust list, things that I’ve spotted in store or online that have caught my eye, and that I think you would really love as well. Why May you ask? Well it’s quite a busy month with my birthday, our anniversary and Mother’s Day so it just seems appropriate, plus my family also nags me for a list, and so I just direct them here.

But enough chit chat, let’s get into the good stuff!

PS: all the items are linked so you can shop them right away.

Fluffy slippers from Mr Price (R79.99)

Slippers are life as far as I’m concerned, especially working from home. Also, I’m pretty sure that Dan is tired of me stealing his. I love these pinky beige ones from Mr Price, they are also available in a more brown shade too.

Krista Bella nursing bra from Sophie and Jane (R175 currently on sale)

I’m still breastfeeding and find it a bit too tricky to wear my normal bra’s and let’s be honest, it’s difficult to find pretty nursing bras. Thanks goodness for Sophie and Jane, they have a gorgeous selection and a good size range too. You can have a read why I love my Florence Sophie and Jane bra over here.

Mid rise panties from Woolworths (from R110)

I’m embarrassed to tell you how old my current knickers are, it’s terrible! It’s definitely time for me to chuck and restock. I’ve found that the best fit for me are the mid rise panties from Woolies, and they’re almost always on 3 for 2, yay!

Fiddle fig in basket from Woolworths (R179.99)

I can’t decide if I want this mini fiddle fig or the biiiig one that I’ve also spotted in Woolies. We have a delicious monster in our bedroom and I think the big one would add some great height to that little corner. Plus, I haven’t killed a plant in a while so I’m feeling very optimistic about the whole thing.

Livvy Rip and Repair jeans from Poetry (R699)

I cannot begin to explain how life changing these jeans are for me. For 30 years I searched and searched for the perfect pair, and then (with a little help from my sister), I found them… except they were from Old Navy and unless you had a mule bring them back for you (which I managed to do once or twice), the shipping fee is pretty hefty. Well, when a fellow Old Navy jeans lover told Julie and I that the jeans in Poetry were just as amazing, we rushed over there pronto. Guys, they are perfect; soft, stretchy, comfortable. The cut is great, the aren’t too low, their sizing is pretty good and there are a good amount of options. First on my list are the Livvy Rip and Repair and then after that a new pair of dark wash. If you’re looking for a new pair of jeans, I cannot recommend these enough.

Kalahari round utility basket from Mr Price Home (R399.99)

Because what’s one more basket? I think this would would like a bomb in our lounge to plonk all the blankets in now that we’ve hauled them out for winter.

Metal leopard drop earrings from Woolworths (R99.95)

I shared these gorge leopard print earrings on my stories the other day and so many of you also loved them! They are so versatile and would add some va-va-voom to any outfit.

Mama Mia shower scrub from LUSH (R190)

I love a good body scrub and this one from LUSH sounds way too good to pass up! Fine sea and Himalayan salts, pink grapefruit puree, vanilla, bergamot, rosewood and rose clay. I am sold!

Irish Flower bath bomb from LUSH (R74.50)

This limited edition bath bomb is all about calm and balance – two things I could definitely use in my life! Ingredients include bergamot, Persian lime, neroli and sweet florals.

Jasmine Flower bath bomb from LUSH (R74.50)

Jasmine, chamomile and lavendar; come to me! This bath bomb is both sensual and calming, perfect for a nightime soak in the tub.

Printed Jungle Scatter Cushion from Mr Price Home (R139.99)

We still haven’t decided if we want a navy or a teal statement wall in our bedroom but which ever we choose (even if we keep it white), these jungle inspired cushions would look so fab on our bed, don’t you think?

Regal 1.5 Seater Velvet Chair from Mr Price Home (R3500)

My dressing table is quite long and I’ve been looking for a nice chair for it. At the same time, we’ve also been on the hunt for something that we can chuck the continental cushions onto every night before we go to bed. I think that this velvet seat would be the perfect solution for both problems; two birds, one stone.

Wild Argan Oil Exfoliating Gel Body Scrub from The Body Shop (R215)

This is one of my fave body scrubs, it does a great job and it smells divine.

Home Comforts Diffuser from Crabtree & Evelyn (R1650)

Okay, this is quite splurgey but I smelt these home fragrances from Crabtree & Evelyn last year and I fell in love. The scents are so unique, but still so familiar and comforting. They are available in candles as well but I’m more of a diffuser kinda gal.

Midnight Recovery Concentrate from Kiehl’s (R850)

When my last bottle of MRC ran out a year or so ago I was devastated. I decided not to purchase a new one straight away because I still had (and still have) quite a few other serums to use up but nothing quite does the job like this gem. I wrote about it over here if you want to find out why I love it so much.

Orchid from Woolworths (from R99)

Because what’s a birthday/Mother’s Day/anniversary without flowers?

Electric pressure cooker from Russell Hobbs (R1439)

I’ve been using my moms pressure cooker this past week to just test drive the concept before I invest. Well, I’m sold! I think it’s such a useful applience for winter, plus the short cooking time and the fact that it’s energy efficient are total wins in my book! This pressure cooker from Russel Hobbs is also a slow cooker, yogurt maker and rice cooker. Plus you can keep you food warm or reheat it. What a win!

And that’s my wishlist… for now! What’s top of your list?

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