Current Beauty Favourites

Beauty favourites

Truly, I don’t do these current beauty favourites often enough, after all, Mascara & Mimosas started out as a beauty blog! I definitely don’t go through or buy as much product as I used to but I definitely do still find some absolute gems that work like a bomb for me.

The beauty favourites that I’m going to chat about today are the ones that are top shelf for me at the moment, products that I have found myself reaching for again and again. To be honest, most of them are good ol’ favourites but they’re so well loved that they deserve another mention.

Kiehl’s Ultimate Strength Hand Salve: I received this as a gift for Christmas last year (I can’t believe it’s still going!) and I don’t know how I managed without this in my life, especially now during winter. This is a heavy duty hand treatment but despite being a thick consistency, it doesn’t feel heavy on your hands and the skin drinks it up quickly. The product actually attracts and absorbs water from your environment and forms a protective “glove-like” barrier against moisture loss. This is definitely a bit of a splurge product but if you are in need of a hand (and foot!) treatment that really works, give this Salve from Kiehl’s a go.

Maybelline Sky High Mascara: I didn’t think that I would ever find a mascara that I loved more than my Lancome Grandiose mascara… but I was wrong. I tried the Maybelline Sky High mascara a month ago and I am utterly obsessed. It took a few uses for me to get used to the flexible wand (I’m so used to a bristle brush) but once I did, I was hooked. Sky High lives up to its name by lengthening your lashes to the max and separating them so that each individual lash gets coated in product. You’re left with clump free, high impact lashes that go on for days. And all of this for just over R150, what’s not to love?!

Essence Make Me Brow Eyebrow Gel Mascara: I haven’t used this for years and recently bought a new tube when I ran out of my previous brow gel. Jeepers, I forgot how good it is… and so affordable! The product is perfectly pigmented to give your brows a full, but natural appearance, and also contains lots of little fibres to give your brows some extra texture. The spooly brush is nice and small so you can be as precise as you’d like and it really combs through your brow hairs so you can brush them up to create (even more) texture, or brush them with the curve of your brow for a more smooth look. For under R100, this brow gel is a no-brainer.

Beauty favourites

Caribbean Tan Instant Self Tan (aerosol): I know, it’s a bit odd for a self tan to be a beauty favourite in winter, but here we are. Being a pale gal, I’ve had my fair share of self tanning disasters but the Instant Tan from Caribbean Tan has never let me down and always delivers amazing colour, streak free. Generally I use a B but if I can’t find that in store then I use an A which is actually still fine for winter. During the summer months I go the full hog, self tanning my whole body but in winter I use the instant tan on a need-to basis, usually just my legs if I’m going to be wearing a dress and my decollete. The reason that I prefer this specific tan from Caribbean Tan is because it’s instant, meaning that as you spray it on and spread it with a tanning glove, you can see where the colour is. I’m confident that this is the only reason that I don’t get any streaks. It also means that if I’m in a pinch, I can self tan and go, and then only rinse the tan later on. I’ve never had any of the tan transferring onto my clothes but I do make sure that I’m wearing looser fitting, dark clothes and my tan usually lasts a good 7-10 days.

By Terry Brightening CC Serum: Never ever again will I use a powder bronzer, this CC serum from By Terry is just too good. In all honesty, this is supposed to be used over your full face for a brightening effect but 99% of the time I use it as a liquid bronzer and it is excellent! I have the shade “Sunny Flash” and I only need a pea sized amount for each cheek and then buff it in with a stippling brush. The result is a perfectly bronzed and radiant skin. When I’m all tanned up, I actually mix some of this with my moisturiser or foundation for that extra bronze-y glow. While financially it’s a bit steep, you use so little of it that it will last you an absolute age. Without a doubt, this has become a ride of die product of mine.

Maybe it’s from Covid, maybe it’s because I’m getting older but my beauty product stash is definitely substantially less than what it used to be, but the items that do have a home in my drawers are ones that do a brilliant job every single time… but don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll be adding more soon and I’ll definitely be sharing my wins with you!

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