Creating my dream work space with Superbalist

Working from home is great; it gives me a lot of flexibility and no one steals my lunch from the office fridge. It does have a few drawbacks though, and one of those is that often I can become a bit lazy. This generally results in me staying in my pajamas and working from my bed. As fab as this sounds, doing it for more than a day really slows down my productivity and so I try my best to sit at my desk when I work. When Superbalist contacted me and asked me to have a browse through their site and create my dream workspace using some of their goodies, I was not about to say no!

I’ve long been a fan of online shopping, and Superbalist has often been my go to for when I am in a “treat yo’self” kinda mood, or if I need to buy some birthday presents. It’s just so much easier, and I find that their is so much more variety online than what you would find in store. Plus, Superbalist are even more convenient because they have an app for both Android and Apple phones (plus first time buyers get R250 off their purchase).

But back to my workspace. Obviously the first thing I needed was a desk so off I went to the desk and tables section of the site and I came across the Ceuta Console Table by Sixth Floor. Usually I would go for something a lot more neutral but the oak and grey really appealed to me. Now, this is meant more as a sideboard or for storage but I definitely think that it can be used as a desk. And the fact that it has three drawers is an absolute plus, because heaven knows I have a lot of stuff that needs storage. This is one of the more expensive tables on the Superbalist site but in my opinion, a desk is an investment. I would rather save a few bucks on stationary and have a desk that stands the test of time, than the other way around, wouldn’t you agree?

Now that I had my desk organised, there was one more item I felt that I should invest in, and that’s music. There absolutely has to be something in the background while I work, whether it’s the TV, a playlist I’ve created or a podcast, I need some background noise. I’ve seen these Stanmore Bluetooth Speakers all over Instagram and they have been on my lust list for years! It has such an amazing retro look and can also connect to devices that use an optical output (like Apple TV) plus it has an aux connection as well as an RCA input. So basically, you can connect pretty much anything to this musical masterpiece.

After I had decided on my two investment pieces, I headed over to the Gifting and Stationary section to pick up a few odds and ends, after all, whats a workspace without some cute stationary?

I do quite a lot of invoicing and other paper work and although it’s all digital, I do like to keep hard copies on hand so this trio of Ringo Ringbinders was perfect to keep everything neat, tidy and organised. I kept scrolling and came across these lined notebooks that come in two different sizes. Now, I do not need any more notebooks, but these colours were too gorgeous to pass up, plus they matched my desk and new ringbinders, so it was a no brainer.

Still on the stationary track, I just couldn’t resist these cactus erasers, they’re so bright and add such a great pop of colour.

I’m not sure about you, but I have a lot of stationary and one of my pet peeves is when it just lies all over the show. It really distracts me, so the Lena desktop organiser is perfect for keeping all my bits and pieces together and in one place.

Last but most certainly not least is an absolute essential, and that is a power bank. My phone running flat is just not an option for me, so ensuring that it is always well charged is super important. This rose gold power bank is perfect  because I can take it from my desk to my car, ensuring that I am always available.

There are so many other drool worth goodies that I wanted to add to my work space, like this Love Milo mug and this Emilia Carver chair by Sixth Floor. What’s on your wish list for your work space?

* This post has been sponsored by Superbalist.





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    September 4, 2017 at 11:32 am

    LOVE Superbalist! I am completely obsessed with this desk… already making plans for my new at-home office!

  • Reply
    September 4, 2017 at 6:38 pm

    Superbalist has such a wonderful and variety of options to choose from, love that! Love your selection, it looks like such a tranquil setting to blog from!

  • Reply
    September 6, 2017 at 3:25 pm

    Some gorgeous ideas and pieces x

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