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A budget skincare brand that works is always a great find and I’m always on the lookout for a new “must have” product that won’t cost me an arm and a leg. When these Celltone skincare products a little while ago, I was so excited, was my new favourite product in this stash somewhere?

I decided to give the Celltone product to my sister, Julie to try out. She has quite a dehydrated, sensitive skin and is prone to breakouts. I wanted to see how this skincare line would perform for someone that really needs their skincare products to step up to the plate and not just maintain it’s current state.

For each product I have given a brief description and then have added a little blurb by Julie, detailing her thoughts.

Each of the product names are clickable and will take you to the page on the Celltone website where you can purchase that particular product.

Face wash (R149, 90): suitable for all skin types, this gel face wash removes dirt and cleanses the skin using mild surfactants. It also contains witch hazel extracts to tone, and vitamins E and B5 to moisturise the skin.

I really enjoyed this gel wash and the fact that it lathered well. I did find that it didn’t always remove make up effectively and I would have to use it a second time. I didn’t find it particularly drying on my skin and although it has more of a medicinal smell rather than a fresh one, it is not offensive.

Exfoliating cream (149,90): fine bamboo particles act as the exfoliating agent in this product, helping to unblock pores and refine the skin. It is infused with rose oil as well as vitamins A and E.

This wasn’t abrasive at all and was perfectly fine to use on my sensitive skin. It left my skin feeling fresh and clean – definitely one of my favourite products from the range.

Celltone 2

Cleansing lotion (R149,90): a soap free cleanser that contains many soothing ingrediants and so is suitable for a more sensitive skin. It helps to remove impurities and perspiration.

I wasn’t a huge fan of this cream cleanser. It felt like it clogged my pores and I battled to rinse it off – it felt like it left a layer on my skin and so I would often use the face wash after using this.

Facial toner (R149,90): this alcohol free toner has an anti-bacterial active called triclosan, making it ideal for those that experience regular breakouts. It also helps to neutralise the pH of the skin as well as remove any residue cleanser.

I really liked this! It was great to use after the cleanser and left my skin feeling fresh and clean. I didn’t experience any discomfort or stinging sensation from this toner like I have from others which was great.

Facial mask (R149,90): a creamy hydrating mask that will replace lost moisture and hydration in the skin. It will also help improve your skins elasticity.

This was another creamy product and so I didn’t love it, again it was more difficult to remove and I had to cleanse my skin afterwards so that I didn’t feel like I still had product on my face. In saying that though, it is handy that you don’t have to keep this mask on for a long time, only 2-3 minutes.

Celltone 3

Moisturiser (R149,90): this is an anti-oxidant enriched moisturiser that also has an SPF of 15 and it protects against both UVA and UVB rays.

I enjoyed this product as well and a small amount went a long way. My skin felt moisturised and the lightweight consistency was great. A great day cream.

Snail extract gel (R399,90): snail extract gel is said to reduce wrinkles, lighten the appearance of dark spots and reduce stretch marks if used continually for at least 28 days.

At first I was apprehensive but once I started using the snail extract gel, I found that it really helped with my eczema (I avoided the areas of broken skin though). It helped to calm the area and reduce the inflammation and redness.

All in all, Celltone has some great products, my favourites being the exfoliating cream and the toner. My sensitive skin didn’t react to it and I didn’t experience any more breakouts than usual.

Have you used any Celltone products? What was your experience?

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