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  • lipsticks I love

    Believe it or not, I was never big into lipstick until about a year ago, I just felt silly when I wore it for some reason. I’m not sure what spurred…

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  • June favourites

    June was a decidedly better month than May – hooray! I have a few on-going love affairs with some products and have one that I am still undecided about. I’ve really…

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  • May favourites

    To be honest, I would rather forget about May. Between the disappointments, doctors offices, heartache and hospital stays it was a pretty rubbish month. But I’m all about silver linings at…

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  • 40 questions beauty tag

    As a blogger, I love blogs, I think that’s a fairly obvious statement. Anyway, last week while I was catching up on some reading (in other words, I was procrastinating), I…

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  • “pick me up” products

    It feels like the mid-year slump is hitting us early this year (or is it just me?) which makes every weekday seem a bit more blah than usual. The darker mornings…

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  • My beauty bucket list

    Ok, bucket list might be sliiiiightly dramatic but these are the products I am currently lusting after, dying to have on my bathroom shelves and secretly calculating how I can sneak…

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