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Hello, my name is Sarah and I’m a scrub-aholic. Yip, that’s right, give me a scrub, polish or exfoliator and I am as happy as a pig in mud.

Exfoliating (face and body but I’m talking mainly body today) is so important for healthy, glowing skin. The scrub sloughs off all the dead skin cells that makes us look a bit dull and scaly, revealing beautiful, fresh, baby soft skin. Because the dead skin cells have been removed, any cream or oil we now put onto our skin will be more effective and penetrate deeper into the skin because it doesn’t have to struggle through a thick layer of dead cells. So really, exfoliating gives you more bang for your buck when it comes to products that are made to hydrate and moisturise- there’s no point in applying them if they are just going to sit on the surface of your skin and not be able to function correctly, so scrub away that unwanted layer!

Recently my super gorgeous friend Bianca went on a buying trip to London and Miami (life’s tough hey) and brought back two amazing products from Soap and Glory to feed my addiction. How lucky am I?! I’ve been using them non-stop and have fallen head over heels in love…

First up is The Scrub of Your Life. I am such a sucker for beautiful, attention grabbing packaging and Soap and Glory really hits the nail on the head with this for all of their products. This is the softer one of the two exfoliators I received but it’s amazing! I won’t lie – I use every single day. It’s a thick gel consistency with microbeads and has their trademark Original Pink fragrance so it smells divine!
I use it every night on my legs and arms and it’s really helped with my dry elbows and ingrown hairs on my legs.

My second new love is the Flake Away body polish. This polish uses sea salt and sugar instead of microbeads and so it is a bit rougher than The Scrub of Your Life. It has been a miracle worker for my horrid, scaly legs. As Soap and Glory so candidly puts it, “Transforms your scaly legs from reptilian to radiant”. I actually found that because of the shea butter and sweet almond oil, I don’t need to moisturise after this polish which is a win, I can be so lazy sometimes. Because of its rougher consistency, I tend to only use Flake Away once, maybe twice a week.

At one stage you could order Soap and Glory products from Rubybox but that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore – not sure what happened there. So unfortunately you need to wait for someone to hop overseas to get your hands on these amazing products but the wait is worth it I assure you!




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