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Those of you that follow me on Instagram and Facebook (if you don’t, you definitely should!) know that I was away on business last week in the tiny little town of Mafikeng. There isn’t much to do there and so I may have gone a little crazy on my favourite online stores. A few days ago I received my Lush order and I am so excited to show it off today!

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, I cannot for the life of me understand why JHB does not have a Lush store, but luckily we are able to shop online, and oh boy did I shop!

Overall the online process was smooth and easy to use. My delivery was in my arms within 3 working days – what a win!

This is what I bought – I haven’t used them all but I will give you a rundown of what you (and I) can expect.


Rose queen ballistic – infused with fragrant rose and geranium amongst others, this sounds amazing and I can’t wait to throw this into my bath!

Rose jam bubbleroon bubble bar – another rose fragranced product (I’m seeing a pattern here…) but this also has a hint of lemon. I used this last night and I am completely in love – my skin is so soft from the shea butter. I will definitely be purchasing another one (read ten) of these.

Butterball ballistic – the huge amounts of cocoa butter in this baby means an exceptionally soft skin after your evening soak. There are also hints of musk and vanilla which will leave you smelling deeeelish!

Sex bomb ballistic – I have to admit, I bought this purely because of its name, I didn’t even read its description. Ylang ylang, a known aphrodisiac, calms your mind and eases your body into relaxation. Perhaps this is ideal for your pre-Valentines day bath…hmmmm…

Curly wurly shampoo – My hair is a challenge to say the least and I was so excited to try this out. People, it is totally worth the hype! My curls were more defined and my hair squeaky clean. Definitely another product I will be purchasing again.

Honey I washed the kids soap – this was on the “Top 20” list so naturally I needed it – the honey and toffee scent sounded too good to pass up. And I was right, it is amazing! I think this would make such a lovely addition to a gift for someone special.

Mask of magnaminty face mask (sample) –  How cool is it that you can choose some samples to arrive with your products? I’ve mentioned in a previous post how my skin has become so much more oily recently and so I was super keen to try this mask out. First of all it smells amazing – all pepperminty, super yum. Bentonite clay pulls the impurities out of your skin and the peppermint oil makes your face feel so clean and fresh. Yet another product that will have a consistent spot on my bathroom shelf.

Angels on bare skin cleanser (sample) – I’m really interested in trying this cleanser out – it has rose oil (again!) and lavender and is said to be very moisturising.

So there you have it – my Lush haul – the first of many, without a doubt!

What product can you not live without from Lush? I definitely have a list of favourites going.



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